Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby of the month ♥♥

 The new baby dior in the house ♥♥

-Vic Vicky Victoria-

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Aw!! It's already end of the month and I am only going to begin to blog about the early of July !!XD
Yeah Yeah, New  baby new baby is here!!
tADAAAA!! iT'S iMAC in the house !!

Ok,back to the main reason, I purposely bought it for my college's assignment, which are AUTOCAD and 3dMAX!!
3D MAx!!

Look!! AutoCAD for mac!! The interface is totally different with the Autocad for window.! Awesome!

Aw, god, hardworking? No??  XD
HAHAHA, well, that's just one of the big excuse for me get it I guess XD

Last but not least, MARIO in iMAC!! XD hahahaha

Wireless is magic.

AW!!! I just LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I want everything in MAC!!!!

Ipad2 in the house XD

Iphone in the house.

Macbook in the house.

1 more MacbookPRO in the collection perhaps??? XD 
AW.... Broke ..

~Everything MAC~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monthly Baby ♥ June 2 - Black to White

Yee haa!!!!!! The toy in the house!

Mom bought me a black one at germany on february, kinda exp,  like almost Rm3600?
She gone crazy when I told her KL was selling at Rm2400.
So yeah, she bought me another new one when I was back in KL
so the black one belongs to my lil brother right now.

And again,
she bought me another one in KL.
The long-waited new white one! 
Like finally.
(Out of stock all the times)

 By the way, Iphone in Msia is cheaper compare to germany so she bought 1 more
for herself even though she already have one, white one too XD

We are iphone crazy family, everyone in the family using Iphone.
Dad, Mom, Sis, Brother and I XD hahahahahahha 

~Apple is the trends~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Baby ♥ June 1

Welcome the New Baby in the House.
Got a call from Miu Miu once I touched down from HK, it's their VIP sales preview!! Hooraay!!! I I was so excited as thought I could get something nice and cheap at the preview, but who knows I got the new arrivals instead of sales item,
as always, nothing nice on sales items ... T_T

It's the new arrival again, they have only two pieces and I grabbed the last piece.
(Miu Miu strategy, everything is limited and exclusive)
There's a girl trying the bag too, but I was so evil as I paid it before she could even decide to buy or not!

~ Spree Spree Spree~ 
June is like a freaking money burning month! 
More to come! Gonna hit it to 15k again XD

Vic Vicky Victoria

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HongKong for June ♥♥♥

Yeeehaa~~~ It's Hong Kong again!! YEah, School holiday was on june and two of my younger step sisters were crazy over HK Disney, and there we were.
I never like to go HK during the summer time, sticky and hot, I hate it, but no choice, school holiday was on June.  LOL, But I still Love HK , it's like my 3rd home. XD

Well, I didn't really take much pictures for this trip....over exhausted, So hope you enjoy~

Spotted this on the way from the airport to the city.
Look at this beach side residence condo, awesome.

 Day 1, My favorite spot, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.
Passed by Yau Ma Tei.

 WOooo,18SX, So far I only spotted one in HK,
There're tons in JAPAN.. 
Opps. I think I should blog one tittle about the porn theater in Japan. XD

LOL, My two younger step sisters.

Here we were, Tsim Sha Tsui!

LOL, Some planet science center in Tsim Sha Tsui, I have been to Tsim Sha Tsui so many times 
but it's my first time to enter this museum, yeah, as my sis requested, if not I wouldn't have got in.

Spot the big buddha behind? Awesome!

Having Bridal shoot, but yeah, Look at the bride! LOL!!!!
Guess it's the sticky weather...

Was way too free....playing around the tourist spot!


Aw, Baby!

OH MY Freaking beloved Baby MIUMIU!

My youngest step sister...Cute.

Was here for the symphony of light.

Yeah, The avenue of stars. Came here all the times, bored.

Day Two, LOL, My aunt suggested to pay a visit to Shen Zhen as we never been there before,
it's only one hour away from HK. 
Everything in Shen Zhen are mad cheap!!!! If you love to buy 
things at good price and good in bargaining, Shen Zhen might be a place to visit?!
I myself was okay with that place, but I wouldn't dare to eat their food,
 I starved the whole day until I went back to HK at night. XD
(Luckily I had a good breakfast at HK before I went)

Window of the world. My aunts and my sisters.

LOL, Was in Paris??? XD hahahahahaha 
Aw..I miss paris...

Yeah, T_T it's raining !!!!!!

If you were in Paris, this is the freaking place to burn your money.
Arc de triomphe - the shopping heaven in Paris.

LOL, it was a boring raining show ~~~
Yeah, that's all, it was raining, and all of us got no mood to take any pictures, so that's it!

LOL, my youngest sis was the most excited one, she was so tired on the first two days,
and she woke up the earliest on the day 3 because of disneyland. Me either.

Outfit for the day.

Bear with my camwhore habit XD hahahaha

Weeeee, it's HK Disney 5th Anniversary.

Yeah, whoever wants to go to HK disney and still planning, don't wait,
go on this year as they are having their celebration for their 5th Anniversary, 
so there will be more attractions than usual.
Special fireworks, special lighting ceremony for the sleeping beauty castle,
special limited souvenir, bla bla bla and etc.

Oh yeah, you get the limited 5th Anniversary Umbrella with
 purchase of two Disneyland 1 day pass.
So we got two umbrellas as we bought 4 Disney Tickets.
See, great promo on this year XD Go Go Go.

The sky looked a lil dim, it was raining before we arrived.

The 3D show.... Favorita !!!!!

Always the Disney Meal~~ XD 
for your info, HKD 72 per set.
Still cheaper than the one in Japan and Paris.

Fly Fly FLy, if my sis weren't here, I wouldn't have gone for this ride. XD
I played almost all the ride in Disney, even the childish one, all because of my sis..LOL

LOL...Camwhore again..

Dinner, Mickey Mouse Chicken Chop Rice.. Cute.

As always, Disneyland looked enchanted at night! Love it to the MAX!

And yeah, the special lighting ceremony for HK Disney 5th Anniversary.
They will light it up everyday day at 8pm.
Plus the freaking awesome fireworks at 8:30pm!!!
That's the most magical firework I have ever seen...... Aw....

Well!!! Time to do your last minute shopping before you leave...

I love the tinker bell ear stud!

Souvenir for friends.

LOL, bought this on the day one in MongKok...Cute!
For Him, My beloved.

 Day 4, Had my Last minute shopping in Central Hong Kong, 中環。
The Famous TVB spot, if you have watched any Hong Kong TVB Drama, you would know this place.
Especially the famous drama, (珠光寶氣 The Gem of life) 。

Bought my favorite Macarons from La Maison Du Chocolate at HKD 140,
Thought it was cheaper but I was wrong... hahahhaha

So yeah, that's all I guess? Too lazy to upload more photos..
Hope you enjoy....... 
Love from Vic.

~HK is Love~
Vic Vicky Victoria