Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monthly Baby ♥ June 2 - Black to White

Yee haa!!!!!! The toy in the house!

Mom bought me a black one at germany on february, kinda exp,  like almost Rm3600?
She gone crazy when I told her KL was selling at Rm2400.
So yeah, she bought me another new one when I was back in KL
so the black one belongs to my lil brother right now.

And again,
she bought me another one in KL.
The long-waited new white one! 
Like finally.
(Out of stock all the times)

 By the way, Iphone in Msia is cheaper compare to germany so she bought 1 more
for herself even though she already have one, white one too XD

We are iphone crazy family, everyone in the family using Iphone.
Dad, Mom, Sis, Brother and I XD hahahahahahha 

~Apple is the trends~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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