Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Aw!! It's already end of the month and I am only going to begin to blog about the early of July !!XD
Yeah Yeah, New  baby new baby is here!!
tADAAAA!! iT'S iMAC in the house !!

Ok,back to the main reason, I purposely bought it for my college's assignment, which are AUTOCAD and 3dMAX!!
3D MAx!!

Look!! AutoCAD for mac!! The interface is totally different with the Autocad for window.! Awesome!

Aw, god, hardworking? No??  XD
HAHAHA, well, that's just one of the big excuse for me get it I guess XD

Last but not least, MARIO in iMAC!! XD hahahaha

Wireless is magic.

AW!!! I just LOVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I want everything in MAC!!!!

Ipad2 in the house XD

Iphone in the house.

Macbook in the house.

1 more MacbookPRO in the collection perhaps??? XD 
AW.... Broke ..

~Everything MAC~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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