Friday, August 28, 2009

Disney Freak 19th Birthday - Behind The Scene (Part 2)

OKOK, my bad, sorry to keep you guys waiting and waiting...
Some of the people might be very worry that I'm gonna post up something that might make them feel a little bit embarrassed ... LOL XD

What is behind the scene of my 19th Birthday PARTY ?? Yeah, It is actually like the real behind the scene of the movie, it is after we removed all of our costume and make up, playing games like a real freak, dancing around and of course DRINK 'N DRUNK .... LOL XD
SO guys, enjoy all the pictures and videos...

Now, the birthday cake presenting session, guess what?

I Got A JUICY COUTURE Bracelet Charms Birthday Cake from all the Ah Club members.. It was so lovely lovely lovely ..
And it was kinda expensive, the price of the cake equal to A Signature Juicy Charms At Juicy couture.

Ck Presenting the Cake....Yeah

I Love this cake to the max!!

But it was so sweet..I preferred the cake than the real Juicy Couture Charm!!!!!!! Oh ...... Sweet Sweet Sweet !!! Love it !!!

Yee...Me with the Sugar-Made Juicy Couture Diamond Ring.

Oh, KahYong proposed to me by presenting the Juicy Diamond Ring... Obviously, I said NO XD....Not so easy lo Kahyong...Mana Disneyland ....

And the Truth Or Dare Session , WOohoo.... It was actually DARE U 2 DO, because we didn't play the truth as we knew no one would tell the truth XD

Andy kena Tarik

They drew some stupid things on his face

We Dared May to Kiss ND.

Weisheng got forced to put honey on his lips and let someone lick it...

WeiLiang Got SM punishment ....... XD

And What so Funny ??????

Here is it, CK and ND got dare to KISS each other...EW...........

Again.??? What was Shryne laughing at ????
KahYong got Dare to lick CheeKim's Lele (Dick, with pants of course XD)

Then Finally, the person who always laughed at people would get the chance to get the punishment, believe in Karma .. LOL XD

Shryne got dared to lick Kenny's leg...Actually...I thought this was not enough ..But EW...

And The Classic, OUR VERY "Muscular" Choo Kwok Kher wanted to show us how muscular his was. He was freaking drunk and kept asking us to sing the "tuo diao (take off)" song for him as background music. XD

There were actually tons of video in my camera, but due to some reasons, I was not allowed to publish it here... AHAHAHAHA..Guys..U know I know !! K!

Then DRINK DANCE DRUNK Session , which we DANCED like a freak, DRANK like a freak and DRUNK like a freak .......... DRUNK TO THE MAX !!

Let's drink !!!!

Let's Dance !!!

We girls love Cordon Bleu

Drinking Drinking & Drinking

And This was what happened after we drank all the liquor of the night.

I was KO-ed ......

He felt so proud of his LONG FACE.. LOL XD

opps...18sx Gay Movie

Dance hard...

And we are here to proudly present OUR DrunkAss of the night, Choo Kwok Kher XD

Die die also wanted to sleep with the Cordon Bleu

The Not So Drunk

LOL...The night was really Fun, Thx you guys.....
Thx for all the presents Too XD

YSL Miniature Set ^^ from Sky & Shryne

Chanel Chanel from Shryne XD Muacc My Babe...

Yeehaa..The Special Made DisneyFont Victoria Necklace XD from Shiling& Shelly

Oh, My Lovely Fantasy Mini MarryGoRound... Sweet ^^ from YiXin & Kenny

Pinky Accessories stand from YumikoXin Xin.. XD HAHA..

The Very Memorable Birthday Party .. Heart' em

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Touch Wood To Say

Very scary medicine and the Grape Mentos to eat with the very yucky medicine..

God...I had high fever since the midnight of tuesday, and I thought it was just a normal fever, but untill the next day, Wednesday, my body temperature was still going up. In the end, I got no choice and went to the clinic. 

The doctor told me, he would give me some medicine to cure my sickness first. If the second day, which mean today, my fever still never go down, then he will test the H1N1 for me @@ ~!!!!!!!!!!! (Now my body temperature still remain at 38.6 celsius )

THIS IS SO SO SO FREAKING FREAKING, Freaking, freaking ....................scary .... T.T

Then I was wondering since yesterday night, if I really had to admit to the hospital, which one would I choose??????
Or another Infamous SUNWAY MEDICAL CENTRE????????

Because one of my mentors got admitted to SJMC last few weeks and he kept complaining about the hospital service although it is a private and famous hospital. He paid Rm20K for the hospital but the service still sucks.

Erm, I didn't heard any complain about Sunway Medical, but the outlook of the hospital isn't really nice...SO ban !!!!Oii..Of course la, if u got H1N1 u have to be quarantined, of course u have to find a nicer hospital to stay right .........

Then I went searching and searching on the internet, trying to find some classy Private Hospital......
and I found This : 

Prince Court Medical Centre 

Oh my god, I love this Private Hospital so much, it is located right at the centre of the KL and the building is facing KLCC, which mean,  we will get a KLCC view VIP room ....
Although it is much more EXPENSIVE compared to the hospital as I stated above, but it really sound like a Hotel. HAHA 
But of course I don't wish that I have to admit to the hospital, but this is my First Choice if I have to.
Reason ? 
It is because Prince Court Offers Medical Care In 5 STAR Settings... 

The Lobby of the Medical Centre.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Disney Freak 19th Birthday - The DISNEY FREAKS (Part 1)

YeePaa..!!!!! Gosh, the scenes where the music beats and the disney-ing still wandering in my mind....LOL...
Guys, I really had a happy birthday party last saturday night....... THX you guys......It was really worth it even though lots of people said I paid too much......

Ok..Let's start the party here again .......

I woke up in the EARLY MORNING to prepare for the party, yeah and thx god I found the Satay Celup sauce for them, but I knew it didn't taste as nice as the really famous one, but Still OK la...Right ????

Then Kah Yong and I Went to the Villa to get prepared first because Jiahao they all were on the way.
Since they were still on the way, Kah Yong and I just wandering around the Villa.

Anyway, cut the craps..
Finally they managed to got into the villa safely............

When I saw them, I felt a lil bit disappointed, because they dressed up casually and brought nothing............(I was wondering where was my present and I thought they wouldn't dress up in disney ?? LOL XD)

Then they started to chill around, and then went swimming in the pool like they never swam before and of course got the villa dressed up a lil bit too...

Trying so hard to make it

Time to get ready.......

U know, good things are kept to the last...
8PM ++ The party started, and everyone were busy dressing up in their room...
Surprisingly, Most of them dresses up !!!! Although they didn't dress up exactly what the real character dressed as but I could feel that they were trying to make it .....

Me as the Bad Tinkerbell & KahYong as the Jack Sparrow but turned out to be Naruto Sparrow..

After this, All of them brought me to the poolside and I SAW this....

I really love it, although what I was expecting was the pool full of balloons, but this was better !!!
I really love it !!! THX you guys !!!

Below is the video:

Time to show you the Disney family (Only those who dressed up were in the pictures )

Shryne as the Lady Version Jack Skellington

Mayhuay as the Mulan

YiXin as the Pocahontas

Cock her wanted to pose like a sexy lady, obviously he failed.

Ah gua Minnie ??

I really dunno what he wanted to be?
but shryne told me, he wanted to be aladdin ???

Guess who was this ???
Wei wei wei

Cool HUH??

Then what's next ??? OF COURSE Dinner la!! We were so hungry like hungry ghost, and that's why we didn't get to take any picture about the dinner ...LOL...XD

The bad Tinkerbell turned out to be like a MAD Mickey bartender ???

LOL...Happy or not??? For me, YES!! Of course ....

Again, the good ones are always at the back, stay tune for my next post, Disney freaks PART 2..

Think the best caption for this picture..XD