Saturday, August 1, 2009

The awesome city makes this blog alive !!

I know, I know, I know my blog is dying right now. So, I am here to keep my blog alive XD
I have been very busy recently, busy for my bright future plan and a lot of personal development programs ....

Ok, I know it doesn't sound like yin yin/ Victoria, but yes, it is. I am 19 right now and it is time to change, it is time to be independent and time to transform to my higher self.. If I achieve everything as planed, step by step, when I am graduate I don't have to work for those interior design firms like a cow and I can do freelance. Hell yeah, I work because I CHOOSE to, NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TO, as said by T.Harv Eker.

Get what I mean ? 

I think most of the people out there understand the feeling of HAVE TO Work to make ends meet which is not a good feeling indeed. Conversely, when we work because we CHOOSE to, that is totally different case (you know yourself k).

Some of my friends might say" Come on Yin, you no need to plan. You plan so much for what? You could just ask from your parents, you are so freaking rich, and you are still so young, this is the time to enjoy not to think so much and yada yada " 

But I would answer them NO!  I don't want to be a useless person who always ask financial support from my parents. YES ! I am just 19, I am still young, but you know, this is exactly the reason why I choose to wake up and take action now. 

Let's visualize for a moment. When you take action since a young age, you already could be successful and could achieve your dream when you graduate or at the age of 23-25. And you could retire at young age and do whatever you want - work or enjoy. BUT to the others???? This is just the starting point of chasing working income like a dog or as Robert T.Koyosaki says, stuck in the rat race. 

Yes, as a interior designer or professional , we can earn a lot, but we have to realize that when comes the day that we couldn't work anymore, it means that we got no income anymore. By the way, let's be realistic, how much your EPF or insurance can cover your life??? Most people have a better life when they work than after they retire.

Most people have the illusion that they would have a better life through working or by running a business. But, do remember, employee and self employed are working for money (according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and they are all stuck in the rat race and would never be free unless they jump out of the rat race.

Hahaha, so I don't want to be one of them..........That's why I am so busy recently and the reason why my blog is dying ....LOL...XD

Hehe.....I think some people would feel boring reading this kind of educational article. So I would like to share an amazing place with you ........XD hehehehehe.. Open you big eyes and see......

Actually, I stepped foot on this country 3 years ago. That time I knew it was a very rich country and they were still developing and they had plenty awesome development plans. But when I shared it with my friends, all of them didn't believe in this and said they just have plan la, this kind of things won't happen...
BUT NOW, I am here to make you regret what you have said to me XD, hahahaha
WHERE is the place?????? 
It is DUBAI - UAE!!
 The Introduction Video of Dubai (they have part 1 to part 6)

BURJ Hotel
The first is The 7 star Burj Hotel 

Second, The Burj SkyScraper , The Tallest man made building in the world !! Awesome !!

The construction of the Burj

The Video of Awesome Sky Scraper ( Must watch)

The Palm
Third is The PALM, I believe most of the people know this popular man made palm tree shaped  island right ..and it is freaking awesome too....

Residential Area @ The Palm 

 So here is the short introduction video of The Palm 

The 4th is The World Dubai, The Largest man Made Island in the world, and it is under construction now...

The Introduction Video of The world- Dubai

Last but not least, introducing the New Building Plan of Dubai :

The Dynamic Architecture !! This is EFFING HOT!!! AWESOME!!! 

The Video of the Dynamic Architecture @ Dubai City ! (Freaking Crazy)

And some Dubai City pictures :

Aren't these building freaking cool? Feel like going yet? lolx
Then Visit there !!!!!!!  

DUBAI is Las Vegas on steroid  !!!


Akira 思胜 said...

Someday, I will go to Dubai and enjoy myself! :)

Carely_Babystar said...

dear ur email for blogger isit
coz i wan set my blogger for visitor im choose only~
i dunwan "sum ppl" see my blog~haha~
p/s:i agree wat u said in the blog,we have to start think and plan now for our future~

Tan Eng Hwa said...

last week i went to Chicago Sears Tower.. it is pretty unique and tall!! but i knew it is lower than taipei 101. Thanks for ur info.. i just realized dubai burj tower is the highest!! OMG! I'll visit Durai one day!

YinYin said...

akira : ya...u should GO !!!

Carely : no...mine is ^^

Tanenghwa : ya....Sears is before the taipan 101 ..then bubai burj ....
YAYA!! U should go there ^^
I will visit there next year , u know...I am not gonna travel in this year due to H1N1.....

shryne shirly said...

yes, i agree wif u girl. haih, so good u so fast got plan edi.. but me ?? thinking of it almost 3 years edi stil not sure wat is my goal.. haih.. jealous nya.. haha

YinYin said...

Shryne : Is ok dear. as long as you set it as fast as possible ^^ think properly what kind of things u want, what kinda future or lifestyle u want..then set and achieve ^^

Sy Ying said...

hey there, i came across ur blog and I like it. I'm quite confused, are u staying alone in KL, while ur other family members are in germany?

Eng Hwa said...

BByin... wrong info!!
Sears is taller than Taipei 101..
because of its antena.

Just so you know.. next week i will be going to Disneyland Los Angeles, California!!!

YinYin said...

sy ying : hehe ^^ welcome to my blog...Currently, I am staying with my friends ^^ ...

EngHwa : Opps??? is it..But I got this information from the historian of architecture .......Taipei 101 is before the dubai how ya???? yee!!! U make me me some disney magic XD

Sy Ying said...

at first i thought u were half ang mo. lol. bye! will read again next time,

Eng Hwa said...

If based on building, Taipei 101 is taller. But since Sears add on two antenna, it is taller than Taipei 101. Check it out in my new blog

You sure have chance to come here.. I will go there on august 12, erm.. do u think 1day in disneyland and hopper park is enough or not?