Sunday, August 29, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore with Both of my love ones!♥

Hehe decided to blog about Singapore Trip instead of Japan as I couldn't wait to share with u guys anymore......
It's on 15th August 2010,
What's so special about this trip??? It was special because I was there with My babyJess.
We had been through many many incidents in our 3 years relationship (Sounds like we are a couple)
We love travel, we have been planning for many many different trips when we were young but due to some personal reasons,  I always ended up travelling alone....
I always wanted to have a trip with her, and now, finally my wish was granted  !! XD

As you know, Universal Studio in Singapore had opened !! It was a great news to me when I first knew it!!! This was why we went to SG!!!

U know, I supposed to have over 500++ pictures of us in USS, but unfortunately, we lost our main camera which had all the beautiful pictures in it.  It was extremely beautiful, no exaggerate!!
BUT IT GONE!!!!!!!! T_T
But luckily we still had some pictures left in the Back Up Camera......
Although we did not own any beautiful picture in USS anymore , but at least we still have some picture to share right ?!!

HERE we were, KLIA.
BabyJess and Terry


After an hour flight, 
here we were!! SINGAPORE Sentosa Resort world !!!!!!!

Proudly Present, Our first Polaroid in USS!!!

The trip was unexpectedly fun, Terry and Kah Yong were sporty enough to play all the rides!!
The Mummy!!!!!

Raw!!!!!!! Let's go inside for the Ride!!! Woohoo!!!!!

BAbyJess aka the coward, was the one who dare not ride on the mummy roller coaster !! HAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!!! But Well, we were smart enough to cheat her to play one!! HAHAH
Look at her coward face during the queue !! HAHAHA
XD  Scared the hell out of her!!! BUAHAHAHA!!
Baby, You haven't try the one in Disneyland yet!! HEHEHEHE......

Let's ENjoy ~~~~~~ to the rest!!!


Very Serious here!!!

It's at the New York Town.

HUH?? where he wanted to go???

Ah HA!!!!!!!!!!

BabyJ and Terry 

It's me and Mr.Lim!! XD

Tadaaaa!! It's BABY J and I!!!! hahaha 

Kidnap ???

Different person being kidnap again?


wooohooooooo~~~~ hahahahahahaha

Oh yeah~~~~~ hehehehe

Terry said the back of the car was cute, so he wanted to take a picture with it ! =='

The Car lovers !!!!

The copy cats !! HAHAHA

???!!!!! what?!!!!!! It's not them!!
OMG!!!!! Please look at the roller coaster behind them!!

CRAZY!!!! I will never ride on it even though you give me a million dollar!

Here we were at Madagascar !!!!!

I WAS Mad Hungry !!!!

Thought they got Vegetarian food here.

Vege Food was out of stock =='
So here I got a Kid SET !!! HAHAAHAH!!!!!

Proceed to Jurassic Park Land after Early Dinner !! mUAHAHAH!!!
Taking the Canopy Flyer Ride!!
Loving the ride!!!

The coward, afraid of the ride again =='

Tadaaaaaaaa!!! HAHAH!!! I was brave enough to take picture with it during the ride!!

The Next ride was The Jurassic Park Rapic Adventure Ride!
It's a raft ride, you will get very very wet!!
To Prevent to get wet, buy a disposable rain coat from the counter
which cost you only SG2 (Rm4.8)!!

Here the very "KIASU" one was the first one to put on the
rain coat while there's still a long queue!!
HAHAHAHAH!!! Real cute though !!!

It's almost our turn!!
Rain Coat !!!!

Tadaa!! Ready to go!!!!!


 I felt a lil bit dizzy during the ride as it kept turning and turning round and round !
HAHAHAH!! But the ride was real fun!!!!!!

Next was,
FAR FAR AWAY land again!!!
We had been there in the morning,
whenever you go there, do not forget to watch the Shrek 4D, It was superb! XD

Terry and BabyJess again ...

Here we were for souvenir hunts !

Many varieties, but we could find one, and the shop was closing,
yeah, the shop in Far Far Away land closed at 7pm.
Besides, the Sales girl told us that, the boutique in Hollywood and New York land closed at 10pm,
and there's more variety.

So here, we proceed to Hollywood land to get a better one.
Bye Bye ~~~

It's pink!! cute.

Oh, Police Car spotted!!
Yeah, we were here at Hollywood..!!

Jewelry/ Accessories Boutique !! SO lovely !!!!!

Choose Choose Choose!!

You can buy your polaroid camera here!!
I got one for free as BabyJess and C.Fong bought me one
as a birthday present!!! Aw, So lovely!!!

It's at New York again!! 


That's all for the day,
we went out from USS right after this as the guys wanted to
go CASINO !!!! =='

LOL, BabyJ and I were still underage to get in, so we could only
take a picture with it and wait outside the Casino for the guys to burn their money! XD

Well, it's the resort world shopping area and also the place we were
chilled while waiting for guys.

1 more!!!!!

We were so lucky that,
there's an uncle, seeing us nothing to do at the rest bench,
gave us his extra 5 tickets of the
Voyage de la Vie Show which cost SGD110 each!!!
Well, you might think they actually wanted something back from us,
but NO!!
It's just pure kindness as he got extra tickets so he gave us.
I think his friends FFK him or what...
Anyway, ThX Uncle for the ticket. XD

So here we go!!! The awesome show!!!!!!!!!

It's great day overall !!!!
Thought babyJ lost the camera, but I believed things happened for good!!
When the god takes something from you, he will pay you back a better one!
Cheer BabyJ!!!!

Okay, I will end this post with the Spree of the trip ! 

~My happiest moment with both of my love one!~
Vic Vicky Victoria