Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's my birthday in Tokyo DisneySEA ♥ Three

HEHEHE, as I promised I would update my blog in 2 days, so Here is it!!!!!!!
Dang Dang!!!!!

Wondering where I headed to after Arabian Coast ???????
Here you go!!!!!

My Favorite 

Look!! It's Triton's Under Water World Castle !!!

So Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had more solo pictures with Triton's castle on day 3 XD

Well, Can we get into the castle???
Yes of course !!
Let me bring you in!!!!!!

Aw.........Fantastic !!! It looked like a under water world  ~~~

There's so many kid's rides/attraction in it!!!!

HAHAHA..trying to be as feminine as mermaid...XD

So cute !!!! But the rides here are more for kids !!

There's only one show that attracted me!!
Meet Alice !!!!!!!!!!

It's a show translator for tourist who don't understand japanese !!!
For us, obviously !!! XD
So, No more blur face in the show!
And KahYong fell in love with The Little mermaid story line after he watched the show.
LOL!!!!!! ♥ I love it!!!!!!

It's a bunch of Jap Student ....
We saw this right after we came out from the castle !!
They were like "ponteng sekolah" and came to disneySEA...XD
LOL, but it's already 6:30pm in the evening, so I guess they weren't !

It's time for Dinner as we both were mad hungry ~!!!!
The nearest restaurant was at the Lost RIver Delta, so, yeah, the vegetarian went
to the Meat-Full Restaurant..!

Met this cute things while on the way...

Here we found a restaurant !!!!! aw..Kah Yong said the 
restaurant ambience was great, so we picked this !

It's located just right beside the Steamer Line Transit port.
Incase you don't know what is Steamer Line,it's a cruise that bring
you all around the disneySea for

Here we go!!!

He insisted!! Not to eat meat!!!! So he had shaker salad and fries instead.

HERE!!!! My Chicken Wrap Set!!!
U know, I was mad hungry and the salad couldn't feed my apetite ,
So I had this CHICKEN!!!!!!!! ARRARR!!!!!!
I am no longer a great vegetarian ``` T_T
Btw, this all only cost around Rm60.

Fattening ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I wished I could keep this adorable things!! But not!! They don't last !!

We went to a Souvenir Boutique which sells customized handphone strips and accessories,
so get our customized souvenir XD!!
 I didn't understand a single thing on the souvenir form @_@

Tada!!!! Our customized Accessories !! XD Rm50 Each.

The sky was getting darker later on......
U know, Both Disneyland and DisneySEA looked definitely nicer at Night Time!!
It's just my camera that was not DSLR so I couldn't get you a really nice picture at night.

We went for SinBad's ride after this ^^

See, it's good to take the ride at night as you need not queue up like crazy
just for a ride, only 5 minute waiting time then you could get on board !!! XD

The Triton's Castle at night!!!!
Trust me!! Its looked fantastic in Real life!!!

WHat was next??!!!!
It's the most important Show in DisneySea!!!
It's BraviSEAmo!!!!!!!!!! 
Fire works!! FIRE!!! Fountain !!! Splash !! Music!!!!!
It's a awesome show @ Mediterranean Harbor!!

SEE, everyone was rushing for the show!!
Run!! Run!! Run!!!!
The show was starting!!!!!!

HERE We were!!!!! The view deck @ mediterranean harbor!!
And yeah, a very helpful Japanese volunteered to take this for us.
Japanese's culture was just way too awesome!!!!!

and the show started!! VERY ON TIME!!!!
Japan's is an awesome Time Management Country!!

The beautiful music fountain!!

And the awesome thing came out!!!
I really wondered how could they light up the fire on the water???

The end...
I didn't took the pictures of the fire works as it came so quickly !!
Maybe Kah Yong will upload the Video on his blog??

It's the SS.columbia at night!!! Looked like Titanic huh!!

 Everybody went back right after the show!!
But it's time for us to have fun!!!!!

Broken Map!! XD

It's time for us to check back the important rides that we hadn't take in the morning,
which was with long long crazy queue!

So Indiana Jones's ride is it!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was the famous one!!!

The waiting area!! Yeah!! Nobody was queuing !!
Only 5 minute waiting time!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!

It's the picturhe of the ride!! HAHAH!! 
I didn't know there's a hidden camera in the ride!!!! I looked funny!!!XD

The Mysterious Island was after this!!
It's a place where  the writings of Jules Verne, the father of modern science fiction, come to life!
There's a popular ride, "Journey to the center of the earth" in the island,
but it was under maintenance, so we didn't have to chance to take !

We took another one instead!!! 
This is the "20,000 leagues under the sea" ride!! 
Explore the depths of the ocean aboard research submarines designed by Captain Nemo, and discover a fantastic undersea world as an honorary member of his crew.

This submarines could fit 6 person..
And now it's only 2 of us!!! XD HAHAHAH!!

Now comes to the last one!!! 
The last ride of the day!!!

HEHEHEHE, It's the SPLASH ride in Discovery Port!
Prepare to get very wet!!!

Kinda blur picture!!! Blame the camera!!

WET after Ride!!!!!!!!!!

Good Bye DisneySEA!! 
See you tomorrow again!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Went back to the Hotel,
and Get the In-ROom Dining again!!!!

Next UP!!!
DIsneySEA day 3~!!!!

~ The endless fun ~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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