Monday, August 2, 2010

It's my birthday in Tokyo DisneySEA ♥

 It's DisneySEA, where adventure and imagination set sail !!!!!  

LOL, It's My day 2 in Japan and also in DisneyResort, HEHEHEHE!! Woke up at 11:30am, it's still early in the morning right?!  I didn't want to wake up as the bed was too comfy to sleep on....But Ky woke me up in the end, hahahaha!!!
It's already 12:30pm after my preparation, being scolded for wasting time though !!
SO guess how I dressed ??????


It's Minnie  !!! HAHAHAHA, Fake Minnie !!!
Ky was so in love with my look on that day!!!! HAHAAHAHA!!! 

OKOk, Let's continue, 
As I told you, Disneyland didn't have Vegetarian Food, so we had our lunch at the Hotel instead..
It's Buffet, should have some vegetarian food to eat !!!

The very cute buffet restaurant .

My vege food..hahaha, looked more like a kid's plate.
Look at the noodles, I thought it was noodles too, but who knows??
It's actually jelly fish!!! EW EW EW ~~~~~

AR!! Wanted to kill myself for eating the jelly fish !! ew..!!!

Very cute, Mini "Zhong Zi"

It's Salad,
 in case you don't know...hahaha

Ice CREAMmmm~~~~~~ Well, it's not my thing ...

Very Cute Sheraton Hotel Penguin Chocolate..
Kah Yong purposely took this for me to take picture with it =='

And Bill......... 7000yen (Rm259)

Went to DisneySEA right after the lunch. 
It's already 2pm when we reached there as we wasted lot of time in Hotel!!
HERE, it's DisneySEA Resort Liner Station !!!! 

DisneySEA Ticket Entrace ....
Tokyo DisneySEA Ticket Counter .

Well, what's is DISNEYSEA ??? 
It's a second theme park in DisneyResort, and it's only available at TokyoDisney, 
And yes, It's located just right beside the SEA which is TokyoBay or I should say it's connected to the SEA also?? 
Unlike tokyo disneyland, TokyoDisneySEA was much more suitable for adult as the rides in DisneySea was faster, scarier, and shows designed more for an older audience..
Most of the adventure disney's movie theme were in DisneySEA, like Indiana Jones, Journey to the center of the earth, Sin bad, Aladdin ect.
1 more!!
It's the most expensive theme park ever built ! Awesome right!!!

Let's Enjoy ~~~~~

Tadaaa~~~~~~~~ The fountain @ DisneySEA entrance,  Awesome!!!!!

Uncle lim again...HAHAHA, because of me, he had to bring the 
back pack with him all the time,
and it made him looked like uncle!! HAHAHAHAH

It's me!!!!

I had a birthday sticker from DisneySEA too!!

The first place to visit was Mediterranean Harbor. 
It's a southern european port town with a mediterranean sea .. It looked so freaking real and it's like you were backed to the old school era.....
It made me felt like I was in Italy... Freaking Romantic...   

It's Disney Galleria ....SOuvenir time!!! 

Duffy Duffy!!!
 U could carry duffy with u all the time in DisneySEA!! So cute!!!!
It's only selling in DisneySEA

Dress for duffy!! 

Disney Tie !! Rm200 each... Want??

AR!!! Mickey Golf Ball!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't want to use this...too adorable, I would made it as a collection instead !!!

Aw... The italy city ~~
So beautiful ....

Look!!! It's the mediterranean harbor, the port!!! The mediterranean sea.

Awesome!! isn't it!!!

It's crazy me again!!!LOL

why was everybody sitting there??? 
Well, they were there for a SPLASH Show which would started 2 hour later...
Japanese was even "kia su" than singaporean ...XD HAHAHAH

Venetian Gondola Rides ... Aw... Exactly a mini Italy !!! 
So so.....lovely !!!!  I love DisneySEA 

American Water Front was next  !!! 
It's 20th Century in New York and the heartwarming 
new england fishing village of Cape Cod!
Oh!! I love all of these....!!!

XD acting cute..

Unlce Lim, Trying to be a poser !!!  

Another Souvenir boutique in American Water Front Area.
It's called McDuck department store...
Everything looked so fantasy in Disney Resort!!!

Aw...I wish it was real!!!!!!!

 BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!

SHOP SHOP SHOP!! SHOP Till you Drop!!!

Continue our journey to american water front...

Look at the shops and restaurant, So adorable !!!

WOWOWOW!! It's Broadway Music theater  !!!!!!!

We were so lucky the broadway just started when we passed by there..
So again, no queue no waiting and we went in ..

The Ground Floor Hall Entrance.

 The Level 1 Hall Entrance

The awesome Hall!!!!


The show ~~~~ Cute!!!! can u spot minnie ??

After the show... Nice one !!!

Heading to the restroom ...

So nice!! This was the best part in disneyland..
Even toilet could be so cute and fantasy. 

To the next attraction ~~~

Loving the street !!!

The most favorite attraction in DIsneySEA.

IT's TOWER OF TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now,u see it appeared as Hotel High Tower...
But a hidden board which written as "Tower of terror" 
was behind the board which you could only see at night ....

ar~~~~~ hesitating...take the ride or leave it????

Act Brave....


YES!!!!!!!!! we were taking the ride!!!
But hell yeah!!! The fast pass had finished!! No more fass pass 
for it and it's only 12pm in the afternoon!! Crazy!!!
And StandBy waiting time (means how long u have to queue)
2 and half hour !!!!!! 
Oh, yeah, just to remind you!! 
This is the MOST favorite ride in DisneySEA ..
So we marked this down and leaved it for day 3!!!! 
How scary was it? well, I will tell you in DisneySea day 3..XD

So we were heading to another attraction again...
which was the last attraction in American WaterFront area.
Spotted, a cruise !!!!!!!

The buffet restaurant!!!

 Spotted!! mickey was on show!!! CUTE!!!

Turtle talk observatory!!
Only go for it if you could speak/understand japanese, 
otherwise you wouldn't understand a thing.. 

Get on board .....

It's the S.S Columbia Cruise.

The WaterFront Park!!

The pretty view all around.

Time to another land in DisneySEA~~~~~

Uncle Lim, shine the shoes before he go... =='

Next Stop, 
Lost River Delta !!
Indiana Jones Adventure ~~~~~

Stay Tuned!!!  

~I love DisneySEA~
Vic Vicky Victoria


PeiQi, Peggy said...

look nice.
envy till the max.

btw, What camera are you using??

Victoria Yin Yin said...

Peiqi: HI, ^^ I am using Panasonic camera...