Friday, August 20, 2010

My special extended Day3 in Tokyo DisneySEA ♥

Well, as I told you before, our actual plan was 2 days 1 night in DIsneyResort, which was 1 day for Disneyland and 1 day for DisneySEA,
but who knows, it's way too big and 2 days were just not enough for us, so here we were, extending 1 more day for Disney Resort, make it to 3 days 2 night, muahahahahahahahha,  so that we could enjoy the best in both Disneyland and Disneysea at day 3 !!!!!


DisneySEA first as we wanted to get the fass pass of Tower of terror before it ran out of ticket ...!! HAHAAHA

HERE WE go!!!
We got a new costume for ourselves !! 

Cool huh!! HAHAHAAHA

 Was waiting for the Disney Resort  Cruiser at our resort lobby.

Here is it!!!
A very cute cruiser !!!
I personally thought that it looked cuter than the Resort Liner...

Look at the seats !!! CUTE!!! It's mickey theme!!

In case you don't know what is Resort Cruiser,
It's actually a mini bus that send Disney Resort Guests from each of 
the Disney official resort 
to the Resort Liner (The fantasy disney monorail)

The first thing that we saw when we stepped in DisneySEA was
the crazy queue!!

Until here.....!! I was wondering why???

Until I saw this!!

Now you know why!!!! 
Everybody loves to take picture with the Star!!

For me, I wouldn't queue like crazy just to take a picture so no way,
so we proceeded to the Tower of Terror!!!!!
HAHAHAHAH!! Get the fast pass!! Get the fast pass!!!
I purposely woke up earlier just to take the fast pass, if not I would have slept till 12pm.

Oh!!!!!! The tower ~~~~~~~~

Reaching ~~ Reaching~~~ I can see the tower ~~
LOL, so many babies playing around the fountain!! XD 
I think they love summer!!!

*~Phantom song playing ~*

HERE we were!!! The Fast pass counter of Tower of terror.

Luckily we got it!!! XD 
Return time 7pm =='  and it was only 12pm !! So many people were waiting for it!!

Read before you get in!!!

Since there's still a long long waiting time, 
we decided to walk around in DisneySEA first.
Let me bring you around the tower.


The souvenir boutique in the Tower....

SEE!! Mickey also scared !!!!

LOL!!! Very cute limited edition "scare face" of mickey!!! 

Incase you don't know how's the ride looked like,
here I explain to you.
It's actually something like a solero shots but in a creepy way.
There we would sat on an elevator,
and it would brought us up to the top,

I think it's the "red round" area, I couldn't make sure it dropped from where as the whole elevator was dark and I couldn't see a thing,  so i guess it dropped from the highest ???

When it reached the top, it would open the window of the elevator, and you would see
how high you were at !!! AR!!! Crazy!!
Then ~~~~
FALLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!

So what do you think??? Fun??!!
I screamed like Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here's our picture of the tower of terror !! HAHAHAHAAH!!!
Can u spot me??? XD

Let's continue, 
Time to have lunch!!!!!

Found this very cute restaurant in American WaterFront,
but the food did not suit my appetite, so next!!!!!!!!!!

Here we were!! We went back to the Restaurant @ Lost River Delta.!!!

See...Got band!!! Ky's favorite lah~~~

Oh!! Felt so sleepy after lunch...Took a rest on the bench !!

The next land will be the Italian side of Mediterranean harbor.

Here we passed by the arabian coast and mermaid lagoon again while on the way to the
Italy Land.....

I loved 2 of these land the most!!!


Go Go go!! Go to the mermaid castle again!!

Very cute ice cream booth in mermaid lagoon!!!

HERE My Triton's kingdom again!!!!!!!!

LOL!!! wanted to post like a princess..
Failed !! XD


Say Hi to the arabian coast again!!!

and say bye bye also as it's our last day in Arabian coast @ DisneySEA

HERE we reached the place we wanted to go!!
The italy land in Mediterranean Harbor.

Very excited ar???

WOooooow~~~~...I mean the building.

AHAAHAH...Act one Act one.

Oh yeah!! This is cool!!!! XD

wooohoooo~~~~~ hahahahahahahaha

Continue continue !!!
The street, very italy ~~~~
I like it~~~
Very Old school...

YES YES!! Right right!!!
Go and Bang the Door!! HAHHAHAHAHAHA
Wrong pose la mr.lim!!! XD

HAHAHA, now this is correct !!!!! XD

Oh.......SO nice~~~~~

Nice one, the very old school telephone !! 


Spotted  Pinochio after we came out from the street!!!

AR!! I looked so FUNNY!!!!!!!!

The last picture with the harbor before we go.

Since we didn't spent much time in Disneyland at the first day so we
decided to spend more time at Disneyland!!
Here we left DisneySEA.......

Bye bye ~~~~~~

Candid!! XD 

I promised!!
I will visit you again!!!!!!!! 

Get a drinks to refresh before we go!!!
U know what, the drinks in the vending machine @ DisneyResort 
 were more expensive than the one in tokyo town!! 

Love Mineral Water all the time!!!! Rm8
LOL, at least cheaper than evian XD

HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~DisneySEA WIth Love ♥~
Vic Vicky Victoria 


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