Monday, August 23, 2010

The Metropolitan Tower in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Here we were after 3 days of Magic-filled trip in DisneyLand....
We were back to the real world ~~~~~

I looked so weird.

Shinjuku was the first town that we wanted to visit in Tokyo as it's their busiest district and also main district in Tokyo, had you heard of  Shinjuku Incident??? XD hahaha

As we weren't with a tour therefore we planned everything based on the city guides,
U might wonder why we didn't go by tour?
YES!! I hate to go travel with tours as their time is packed, rush and very tiring, although it's cheaper to go with a tour but I still prefer FREE and Easy, I rather pay more for my freedom and flexibility!! XD hahahahahahahah
FOR FREEDOM~~~~~~~~~ hahahahaha
Here we at Ikebukuro, the second busiest station in Tokyo.

The first spot was the Metropolitan Tower in Shinjuku, it stated as a must go spot, so here we go!!!!!
It's actually very convenience here in Tokyo because they have all kinds of transports, from Bus to Metro to Taxi, but the thing is that you have to figure out before you go.

Below is their METRO / JR lines Map!!!!!!!!!

They have so many different lines with different companies, so do not buy the wrong ticket for the wrong rides.

It's at the Metro Station

If I got to choose, I would choose Metro Subway rather than JR lines as most of the Metro Station is with air-conditioner and shops....
Unlike JR Line, it's open air !!
But well, JR line is more convenience compared to Metro....

Normally, I was the one we need to do all the direction job as my mr.lim kah yong is not good in direction, I am always his GPS system..
Well, It's different this time, He did all the job and surprisingly it went well !!

So here we stopped at Shinjuku Station

It's the DIgital Center and NO, Nothing is cheaper than Malaysia...

According to their road map, we had to walk further down from the station to the Metropolitan Tower,
It looked so near  but it wasn't I swore !!!!

But it's okay that we had seen a lot of things during the walk,
here u see, it's the university, so brilliant !!!!!

Candid shoot at the Hotel....

Further down, there's a Park, it's Shinjuku Chuo Park.

I think BAOBEI (My doggie) would love Japan as cute little doggie was everywhere in the park, they can run all around,
unlike the one in Malaysia, Dog is not allowed to be in the public park =='

Spotted this statues before we went another place....nice one

Then on the way ~~~~
Could u spot the tower  yet????

Here's it!!!! The Metropolitan Tower.

I liked this thing as it could change shapes.

So here we queue again to get to their observation desk.

Here is it!!! LOL!!!

It's Mr.Lim

Nothing Special Though, it's just a high tower observation desk,
the only good thing was, It's FREE !!!!
Well, As I told you before, Nothing is FREE in Japan, but surprisingly, this observation desk is FOC!! XD

Let's have a look then .... It's Tokyo City.

Kind of a nice view.

LOL, I was looking at the brooth in the machine, there's so many different kind of brooch to get,
and wanted to get the mount fuji brooch.
So I put in a 200Yen (Rm7.6) to try my luck!!!!!

And YEAH!!!!!!
I GOT THE brooch I WANT!!! It's the Fuji Brooch !!

Then Hanging all around at the observation desk as there's a long queue for the elevator to go down..

Feeling a lil bit tired and thirsty after this as we did a lot of walking,
So we then looked for some coffee shop to have some coffee to chill a little before we went to the shinjuku street..

Spotted this cute coffee shop, it's same as starbucks/coffee bean,
but they had more varieties and food.

But It's Full House!!! T_T 
SO Next !!!

Here, we spotted another cute mini restaurant again..

It's kind of a signature in Japan,
Choose the food from the machine, put in your money and you will get the voucher,
then proceed to the counter inside and get your food !! XD 
It's CUTE!!
It cost only 500-800yen (Rm15-30) yen for each portion,
Well, according to my experience, It's the CHEAPEST food that you can find in Japan!! 
 It's REAL CUTE!!!
But, Too bad, most of their variety did not suit my appetite as they 
served mostly Soba/Chasoba, which was Ky's Favorite.
 well, it's really not my thing
I love Bento, hahaha, yes, I admit, I am a “ 飯桶” (the one who can't live without rice.)

So here we go again, kept looking for cafe as we were real thirsty!!!

We couldn't find one though,
ended up with Vending Machine!!! XD

LOL!!!! Got a coke light to settle !! XD
Cheap cheap 120 yen only (Rm4.4)

Settle our thirst before we go!!!!!!



~Have FUn~
Vic Vicky Victoria