Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's my birthday in Tokyo DisneySEA ♥ Two

Hey yo!!!!! I am here again to continue the trip in Tokyo DisneySEA.
As I've told you in the last post, we were going to The Lost River Delta after american waterfront,
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!

Just for you to understand better, here I attached a Map for you which I found online.

This was the main bridge that we would pass by whenever we went anywhere in DisneySEA...........

The right side of the bridge was Mediterranean Harbor 

The Left Side was American Water Front.

It's Mr.Lim

It's me!! XD


Well, this wasn't the river delta,
Here, we passed by the Port Discovery !!!!!!!!!!
Or You could call it the "Tomorrowland" of Disneysea
Another theme land in Disneysea which located just right beside the River Delta.....

Hmm, what I knew about Discovery Port was, it's a never-built Discovery Bay Concept for Discoveryland in Paris Disneyland... 
But now, it appeared in Tokyo Disneysea!!!!!So good!!!!

LOL, this was a splash ride XD Beware....

The very rest bench.

On the way to the river after this 

Deng Deng!!!!!
Now we stepped in the Lost River Delta Land !!!!!

Oh, can u spot something ???

A crushed plane ... Is it Indiana Jones's? 

LOL, kept camwhoring at the entrance ....

Ok...I didn't know what was I doing there...XD

OH!!! which way to go???

To the crystal skull temple !!

Oh... The temple !!

My cutie Papi.....
HAHAHAHA, try to be a poser as I kept complaining that he posted like uncle..

Another helpful DisneySEA crew took this for us. 

The view........... what is at the opposite of the river?? Mysterious!

Wild Duck Spotted again!!!! I wondered why there's 
so many wild duck in Disney Resort?

To make the trip smoother, we decided to take a rest to recharge before we continued
So, here I got a Disney Ice-Cream...

Very cute box!! Rm18 each only, considered cheap in Disneyland.

It's sea salt flavor, but it tasted no different as Vanilla ice cream =='

Then........continue !!!!

Ah!!...another MEAT-Full restaurant in DisneySea.!!

We wanted to take the Indiana Jones' adventure ride, but the queue 
was crazily long, so we used the tip we found, we leaved it for night time
when queue was shorter and shorter waiting time XD

Instead of Indianna Jones' ride, We took this one!!!
A roller coaster in Lost River Delta!!
Raging Spirit !!!!

Look..I wondered how the fire could be lighten up on the fountain ???

The waiting/queue area...
As Kah Yong and I told you, Disney already expected there
would be a long queue for each of their attraction,
therefore, they designed every single detail and built it on the attractions,
so that you wouldn't get bored while waiting for the ride.

I liked this!! A hidden stair case where~~

I thought this was cute!

It's our turn!!!!!!
Oh, The track of the roller coaster ~~

Where's the next station after the Lost River Delta..
Guess where were we heading to after this????

It's My favorite land in DisneySEA!!!!
The Arabian Coast !!!!!!!

 Aw...Look, it's ridiculously beautiful !!!!!!!

Cute!! You could place your duffy here and take photos with the coast!!
But I didn't get any duffy with me which Kah Yong was wondered why too!!
He thought I would have bought one duffy with me and carry him all round in Disneysea.
Well..I love bears!! But I don't like to carry them all around during traveling ...It can be troublesome too.

Let's continue exploring ~~~~~~
The Sinbad !!! 

Now...The arabian kingdom!!!
"A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

You would hear this song when you stepped into the kingdom!!!
Aw.................So Lovely!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the kingdom~~~~~~~~~

 many ........XD

Wanna get in????

Cannot open one!!! HAHAHAHAHA

The magic lamp theater !!! Very nice show!!!!

The marakesh curry food court!!
LOOk, even food court also sooo cute!!!!
But the food didn't suit my next!!!

They were waiting for the Bon Bon fire show 2 hour before it started again!! XD

The exit of the kingdom~~
Bye bye ...


can u spot something???
that's where we went after this ...

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!
Will update in 2days!!!!!!! Don't stay away too long !!!!!!!

~Anyone want to go DisneySea again?~
Vic Vicky Victoria