Friday, April 30, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland Moment Part 2

*Phew ..... Finally, I am able to squeeze out a lil time to feed my hungry blog...
LOL, sounds like I am busy the whole freaking months huh.. No? HEHE XD
I know I delay my blog updates all the time ... lazy ma........
So, Let's continue with my disneyland moment ... *

After the parades, we went for the rides,
Actually, I wanted to try the "it's a small world" ride in fantasyland, but who knows? The very "semangat" and very smart me went to the wrong station for the wrong lame ride.....

Here's the one, Fantasyland Station....

I thought it was a train station that is connected with the "it's the small world" ride...
Yeah Yeah, u might think that I am ridiculously stupid,
but I didn't want to, I thought the train would bring us to the fantasy rides, and transit to another fantasy rides, like from train to boat????? maybe?? can accept lah, this explanation.....hor hor????

Well, it was a mistake, we Queued for 45minutes just to take the lame rides ...
Very lame .. Indeed...It's a train that took us to go around the theme park ....

We were hungry due to the stupid queuing session, so Lunch was next!!!
Ta Dahh!! This time I chose the restaurant in TomorrowLand !!!

Here's My Mickey Mouse Fast Food Set.. (58HKD)

U know what, I found something weird about the chicken in HK...
I had been trying out their chicken since the 1st day I was in HK, and all of the chicken got the "Funny" smell, even the one in Disneyland.... Why???

So, BuzzLightyear Ride next!!!!

It's just right beside the restaurant plus we got the fast pass...
so we could proceed to the ride immediately!

Very cute Fast Pass Machine 

By the way, something very stupid happened again....
My signature scenario i.e. Camera-Running-Out-Of -Battery happened !!! HAHAHAHA!!
So most, if not all, of the following pictures were taken by my phone camera....
Cincai least u can see, right??? =p

Shoot SHoot shoot and Get your point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was busying shooting, the pictures, not the point !!! XD HAHHA

Well..This is my result...

My aunt's !! HAHAHAHA!!!

Well...the very smart me still could get this high points whereas my aunt only got 1000 point which she put her very hard effort to got it ... HEHEHE...So I gave her my very "-kiam pak-" (come and whack me) face to her and moaning inside my heart (luckily kahyong's wasn't here. if not he would beat me off)..

Talk so much, where is the ride I wanted to try earlier ?????
Ta Dahhh!!!!!

 "It's the small world"
PRETTY !!!! Right ??? !!!!

Why was this ride would the first ride I wanted to try?
Well, that's because I wanted to play this pretty ride when I was in Paris Disneyland,
I queued for freaking half and hour and the ride was closed  !!!!!!!! I didn't get to play!!!!
Therefore, When I was in this HK disney, I told my aunt, I die die also wanted to play this ride....
So no choice, she had to go with me XD

Got ourself some refreshment snacks after the ride..

 Everything in Disneyland is so adorable ...

Then We went Shopping again !!!!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!!!! 

The Crystal Art.

My aunts..

 Look at this incredible cystal sleeping beauty castle!

 Beauty and the Beast !

The Making of.

The main street sweet!! Very sweet indeed!!

Oh..this is adorable...

Here's my Disney Loves, yet!! More to come!!!!!!

Now, it is time for Adventureland ...

LOL, he looked so ......yeah, i know, both of us looked so "yong shui" (weird and funny)..

Here I come, Tarzan!! Where are you...?????

View from the tree house...nice ....

==' here's the Tarzan ..... I thought it should be some "moving tarzan"???

If Cannot meet the real tarzan, then behave like a tarzan lo...Good? No?

woohoooo...swing swing swing ...

The adventure land was the last station that we went,
I wanted to stay until night time to watch the fireworks but my aunts wanted to
do her shopping in Kowloon Hong Kong, so we went back right after this.. T_T

BYE Disneyland!!!! Confirm!!!!!! I will be back !!!!!!!
With my love one !!!!!!!!!!!

It took a long long way to go back to Kowloon from Disneyland....
Maybe I was too tired..
We went back to our Hotel to drop off everything first ....
of course la, I think you don't want to carry all of your kinda heavy disney loves and
walk throughout the whole kowloon..


LOL..i know i looked weird here...XD hahaha

My aunt's Jack Skellington Jacket ...Cool right ...

from key chain to magnet to handphone stripes ..
60HKD - 80HKD each ...

Candy Can...CUTE!!!!

Aw...Marrie ....Love it

Well..this is my favorite among all....SO adorable...

Look at the receipts ... It's all from Disneyland...XD

Total spent in Disneyland = 3000HKD

~HongKong Disneyland is LOVE~
Vic Vicky Victoria