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When you landed in Disneyland Hong Kong

The first 2 days of the Hong Kong trip were tiring...we walked through the whole Tzim Sha Tsui and Kowloon until my flat damaged .... That's crazy....
Well, I wouldn't talk about the shopping experiences first as I have been there twice and not much surprises for me, the awesome streets are still surrounded by the glamourous goods, filled with lotsa people, the awesome night view of HK Kowloon, the cruise and etc....

We planned our trip to My beloved Disneyland on the 3rd day .... Wee.eeeeeeee eeeeeeee
U know what, I woke up at 9am on that day, and it was so not me!! XD
I was too excited.. .... Not that I haven't been to disneyland before, It was because Disneyland was like a drug to me, It's all my love......My interest, My happiness.... OMG!! It's all about me....

Before we went to the MTR station, we went for a local breakfast @ some "Char Chan Teng" (Local restaurant) as we wanted to try some real local food.. U know, we have been having our meals in all the shopping malls, and that's so not local and very expensive compared to the local restaurant...
Like 40HKD (around RM20) for a chicken rice ???? U can probably get a chicken rice at HKD25-30(Rm12-15) at the local restaurant..
Well, everything in HK is expensive....

Actually I didn't know what to order so I just simply crap something that I saw in the HK dramas like  "tong leng char" (Ice lemon tea) and "gong zhai mean ga ma dan" (Mee soup and double eggs) XD

Well.... Now let's continue with my trip to the Disneyland...

We took the MTR as it was the most convenient and fastest way to get there..

Here is the interchange station to the FantasyWorld's Train Station..

My aunts wasn't as excited as me, because u know, adults ...
But she turned excited when the Disney Train arrived at the Disney MTR station..
Look at the mickey train XD how sweet...

yeah yeah..peace peace

Here we arrived at the Disney Train Station ...

She was so impressed by the design of the train...And she asked me to gave her my camera so that she could take lotsa pictures.... XD Well, this benefited me as I had someone to take pictures for me ..
And that's the reason why we got over 500 pictures only in the Disneyland, well, that's crazy...
Well, of course I only chose some to share, it was around 150 pieces so it might take awhile to load XD

By looking at this pictures, u might wonder, was I wearing a heels??? YES!! I WAS... as I told you before, my flat cacat, so I have to replaced it with my heels...
Well.... I never felt any pain in the wonderland as I was too exciting, and the happiness was strong enough to make me forget everything ...

YEAH!! ... Well.. The sky looked like it was 7pm in the evening, but it was actually 11am in the morning...From this you should know how cold the weather was.
And I was the only one with shorts!! Look at them, they were all with coats, jacket, jeans and boots.

My aunt, so excited

Choose your favourite flag..


The mermaid flag...XD

Something very funny happened too, My aunts told me that, when I was taking photos on the streets, there were a couple of granny look at me (they speak in cantonese and they thought my aunts didn't understand) and said :  "the guai mui (ang moh) wearing only a short, won't she feel cold??"
I was like XD hahahaha,  dear lovely granny, "I am not ang moh, and I am from Malaysia, a very hot country and I FELT SO FREEZING COLD!!"

Acting Cool....

Which way to go ??

to the fountain before the real entrance.

Wanna do JaiHo Pose....but failed..XD

The Mikey Fountain ...Look at my aunt..LOL XD

Victoria @ Disneyland

Ooo... Finally ... The Entrance..

Queue up to get your magical pass to the wonderland... XD I was the first one ..

Getting the pass...

350HKD( approximately RM160-170) Per Person 
I think this is the cheapest Disneyland Ticket yet...
Because, it will cost you at least RM300 for a disneyland ticket @ Paris/Tokyo/USA.

aw, Adorable 

Time to get in ... XD

Oh I couldn't wait..... Faster Faster... LOL

YEAH!!!!! GOT IN!!!

Get The Disney Map before you step in..

Time to go!!!! I was actually pointing upward to the sign board.
"Here you leave today and enter a world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy"

Welcome to Disneyland.

Mickey Mickey... Before we explored the wonderland, we must get some Disneylove to put on to show some support and as if you were enchanted.. ^^ 

In the Disney's sweet ... get something to put on...

Buy Buy Buy..

Lotsa brooch to choose from XD I love this..

Got myself this one.. 60HKD (Rm30)

Jeng Jeng jeng....

Crazy for the keychain .... and so Did I..

Got Myself a keychain to put on my bag too XD
60HKD each (RM30)

The First Receipt in Disneyland.

Taa Daaaa... 

Aunt got herself a keychain to put on too..

Jeng jeng jeng jeng... XD

So, Continue ..... to explore..

@Disney MainStreet USA Railway station..

Here we were, The very adorable Main Street USA.

U know what, there were more and more souvenir shops along the streets.
Believe me, I spent most of my money in Disneyland...I just couldn't resist to buy them.
Everything was freaking adorable, fantasy, sweet and cute in Disneyland...

 Here we were!!! SHOP SHOP SHOP AGAIN!!!!

Buy Buy Buy... SHop Shop Shop

Mickey Mouse..

Peace Peace....

Wasn't this bracelet cute??? I wore it right after I paid for it... Damn Cute!!!
80HKD (Rm40) 

I drew this u know....!!

Nah!!! Hahahahah

There was an announcement to informed us to get prepare for the Disney Parade during our shopping session, so we stopped shopping for awhile and went to join the Parade ...XD

Here, we got a snacks to enjoy during the parade show..

HERE's where Mickey, Minnie and other beloved characters from Disney Film come together for a magnificent parade that filled with dream and fantasay.... Love love love..
By the way, there's something cute in HK disneyland... Mickey, Minnie and all of the beloved characters could speak cantonese XD

I recorded this...

Aw...The 7 dwarfs of snow white were coming .. I screamed like crazy when I saw this XD

Remember this one???hahaha 

woi...why u take picture of me??? XD

The Disney Princess, Snow white, Aurora, Cinderella...!!
But Wait!!!! Where is my belle ?? The beauty and the beast??? 

The Fairy in Cinderella.

Woo...Look at Alice..... Alice in wonderland was awesome..have to watch it in 3d??

Alice Alice!!!!!

Aw...It's my favorite mermaid....

What's this??

Aw...Toy Story...I can't wait for the toy story 3...

The Mickey Family ...Aw..How cute..Look at the donald duck ...

Eventually , we arrived at the Cinderella Castle....

Aw... What's wrong with my expression ...XD

My Mickey MashMellow after the parade .LOL.XD

My aunt made it like this =='

The Buy Buy Buy again!!! It's the shop in fantasy land.

For the little princess..

U know what, my aunt asked me take the photos of the toilet, 
she said it was cute and she even asked me to camwhore in the Toilet XD

Camwhore in the Toilet XD hahaha

We went for 4d magic in Disney after this ..

The mickey philhar magic...

Lotsa people queueing up to get in...

THE 4D theater 

Pooh Pooh Bear's house

Welcome to Fantasyland of Disneyland....

More photos and experiences are coming soon on the next post.... 
There is always a Part 2.... Stay tune ^^

~Disneyland is Love~ 
Vic Vicky Victoria

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