Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feerie by Van Cleef & Arpels

Just got myself a perfume, Aw, You don't know how much I love this.
A perfume freak who collects 18472347902384092348 bottles of perfumes in the house XD ??? NO!!
Well, I am definitely not that type of person, I only buy the perfume when the bottle design is so adorable or the scent is too irresistible!!

Was in VC&A in Starhill some day (I couldn't remember when),
I never noticed the perfume until the SA bring it to my face... I WAS LIKE "YOU ARE MINE" at the first sight!!! OMG!! It's A FAIRY design perfume!!
Well you know this, I always live in my fantasy fairy tales world, I couldn't resist anything in Fairy Tales. XD

Look at the Video!!! It's so FANTASY!!!!

And yeah, I brought it home!!! XD

 Yeah, I know, I couldn't take a nice picture, not as nice as the picture above.. but you have to trust me, the perfume bottle is extremely fantastic! You should go and check it out by your own!!

Oh yeah, 1 more to share.
Look at the Time piece! It's The Feerie too, the perfume and the watch are actually a themed fine jewelry named Mid Summer Night Dream by Van Cleef & Arpels!!

No one can beat this!!!!!!  Guess how much does this fantasy piece cost?????
Well, you can buy a BMW or LEXUS already, it cost Rm350K ++ and it's sold out!!!!!!!
It takes up to few years to restock as it's limited and it requires times to complete the complicated technologies of the Time Piece... Yes, you should get one of this in your life, worth it, you will know when you see it by your own !!!!!

The following are some of Mid Summer night's dream collection, it's all Feerie~~~~~

 Van Cleef & Arpels
~Vic Vicky Victoria~

Monday, March 7, 2011

Freezing Germany

Aw, I never expected that there's still minus degree celcius on March in Germany....
I love the cold wind but I hate the freezing weather, it makes me sleepy all the time,
I need to bubble bath everyday to keep myself awake =='

Aw... Well, It's either SHOP or Sleep here in germany, well, sounds good at the first place
but it's getting bored when you always repeat the same routine...XD

It's just another day that I went shopping with my sis.
 Oh yeah, it's the carnival week here, everyone dresses up to their best and attends street parties,
beer and dance...XD

CUte Lil Crocodile spotted XD

Off to late lunch after the shopping spree XD
It was a seafood restaurant, preferred to sit outside the restaurant instead of inside because
it's quite a sunny day, sun can keep you warm during winter.

 So chilly I likey!

 Blanket to keep you warm.

 Well, it's actually a wrong choice as your hot and 
yummy food will turn cold in only a minute!! LOL!!!
Plus, the food not nice one!  I hate fish now!

Well, My sis, the typical iphone look! ><'

Spree of the days.

Introducing the German's Favorite! H&M XD

1 of the H&M in the town.
Yeah, there's  at least few H&M at a same street ... =='

~I am so sleepy, again~
Vic Vicky Victoria

Thursday, March 3, 2011

- - - - -✈ - - - - -✈ Germany

LOL!! Hey hey, I am still alive~~~~

I have so many to share but so little time to blog, aw.....
I will keep it awake kay XD

- - - - - - ✈

the town?

I am currently at Germany right now ~ 

Vic Vicky Victoria...