Friday, February 29, 2008

My Blog is getting boring ....shoppiing and shopiiiiing !!And the election is cuming!

26th February 2008

Gosh !!!! Today woke up at 3pm++ ,coz yesterday watched some drama until 7am ...hahahahaha..
Then went to The curve Shopping and Watch Movie- Flood
Quite nice....we watched the Special Preview .....

27th February 2008
Felt very Boring at Home ,Nth to do...and DD lazy to drive so far so he just brought me to Pyramid shopping ,But i don't like to shopping at Pyramid although they have a New Wing ....Don't ask me why ,just a feeling..
remember that ,last year i shifted to subang ,then DD brought me To Pyramid ,that time i am quite disappointed on Pyramid ....Before i stayed at Damansara so i seldom go to Pyramid shopping ,mostly to 1 I don't know that Pyramid was small..i though it is a big shopping centre...but the truth was ............A small and boring shopping centre with little choices of shops.... Until today i still don't like to shopping at Pyramid......just a feeling ....And now i prefer Pavilion is a nice shopping centre...Love to shopping there!

28th February 2008
Have been visit to some blogger's page ............they just remind me that ,the election is coming !!!
Is the time to change the world ..........hehehehehe.....I support the Rocket 1 ,DAP...But i found something very funny about DAP was ,They release a "CUTE"
soft toy for some KID ........... when i saw the soft toy ,i was thinking ,hmmm...It really look like something ...........hahahahah....BUt The soft toy still Very CUTE !! And the Soft toy Call
"Rocket KID"..

With the mascot, the party attempts to attract more of the younger generation, including children who have yet to assume their rights to vote, to grow fonder of DAP.

Limited edition only - RM10 per piece. Please contact DAP HQ (Tel: +603-79578022/79578127) for further details.

A video from DAP :

And i found some video from kenny sia blog :
A video that attack the DAp ,so bad ...

And found something at you tube also :
A "RASUAH Sayang eh" ...

Monday, February 25, 2008

I passed my german language exam !!

23th feb 2008
Nth special ...Just went to Pavilion shopping !!!

24th Feb 2008
Hahaha...Revision Revision and Revision ...
Dao wei (german language classmate) and me ,went to Pyramid ,and Have our Revision at Delifrance Cafe ,because our exam on the next day.............But Nvm mind ....finally we done a lot of revision about German Language .....

After that ,met up Dd and Joel ,then went to Famous Amos and bought My Favorite Cookies (chocolate chip and pecan nut ,their signature flavor)...
hehehehe..LOve it !!
400 gram FAmous Amos CHocolate Chip and Pecan Nut Cookies ...........

DD suddenly told us that,he need to leave now,because he need to treat his friend a dinner,because he passed the ACCA Exam cannot shopping anymore =(....
Then we went to Kelana Jaya and have our dinner =)........

25th Feb 2008
Today was the German Language exam ,i felt very nervous .......i though i will fail in the exam ,
but at the end ,the teacher told me "Yin Yin ,U got Grade B with 70% mark"...
Oh god !!!!!!!!! Thx god ,Thx for Jesus ,Thx for buddha ,Thx for everthing la !!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy !!!! Damn happy ..super happy !!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA
After that ,i have a drink with my Germany language Classmate,and they are so funny ,and nice..i Like them ....Most of them will be study at Germany also .......... Yeah !!! I can find them Yum cha if they go to germany !!
Then 1 of my classmate sent me back (he is Jonathan ,the funny and Crazy Guy ..always make everyone laugh at me ..!!! so bad!!)
This is the Certificate !!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe.....Happy ^_^

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jealousy & Envy !


According to many authors, jealousy is a complex emotion, meaning that it is not possible to provide a simple and immediate description of it, as it would be for “basic” emotions like joy or anger.....
As said formerly, jealousy is more that a mere, sudden emotion. It consist in an entire “emotional episode” including the circumstances that lead up to jealousy, jealousy itself as emotion, any attempt at self regulation, subsequent actions and events and the resolution of the episode . There’s a complex “narrative” behind jealousy . as it is perceived and thought by the jealous. The origin of this narrative is extremely relevant to understand the nature of jealousy. The narrative can originate from experienced facts, thoughts, perceptions, memories, but also imagination, guess and assumptions. The more society and culture matter in the formation of these factors, the more jealousy can have a social and cultural origin

Coping with jealousy

People who experience pathological jealousy, and people for whom jealousy triggers violence, may benefit from professional counseling. People who experience normal jealousy have at least nine strategies for coping with jealousy. The problem-solving strategies include: improving the primary relationship, interfering with the rival relationship, demanding commitment, and self-assessment. The emotion-focused strategies include: derogation of partner or rival, developing alternatives, denial/avoidance, support/catharsis, and appraisal challenge. These strategies are related to emotion regulation, conflict management, cognitive change, and ground rules for managing jealous competition. The most important thing to do about any feelings of jealousy is to first admit them, and then attempt to overcome them. Polyamory groups encourage the replacement of jealousy with compersion, or empathizing with a lover's joy with another lover.

"Are Jealous me?????????????"
Do u dare to ask your friend this question ??

If u can do this ,mean u are really have a great confidence about yourself .
Or might be not !

This is some basic condition about Jealousy !
1,U will try to find out all the detail about her .
2,U will try to find out the bad part about her .
3,Try to let her know u are better than her .
4,Try to Do the best and compare with her .
5 ,Try to Copy her ,or do what she like to do,
or buy what she like to buy ,or get what she like to get !
6,Do all the things that she done before .
7,Try to Deny Deny and Deny

Example 1 :
1 days ,u are shopping with your friend ,u all went to a shop ,and she is looking for a shoes ,and she found nice shoes and show it to you ....and told u that she like the shoes pattern,
and the others days,u bought a shoes that almost same with her ..
and u try to deny that you are copying her !

Example 2:
Your friend was rich ,and a pretty girl ,(prettier than u and richer than u) ...
U try to finding some evidence that can prove that she was not really rich at all ,
or you try to told some one that she is not that pretty and try to told everyone that about her weakness .U also will try to show off or prove that to everyone you are better than her ,or u can get what she get !

Example 3 :
Your friend was a very clever girl ,she always get the excellent result and your are not ,
u try to hide her text book or try to hinder her studying ,and she can't get the good result (mostly occur in childhood )


So don't try to deny ,if your are jealous in some one ,u should try to envy and set her as your role model ,if u really hope to become better than her !

Envy !!!!!
Envy and jealousy are distinct in their object. Jealousy concerns something one has and is afraid of loosing, while envy concerns something one does not have and either he wants to acquire or he wants the other(s) not to have (malicious envy) . A comparison between jealousy and envy can be carried out in order to understand their differences and similarities. Possible objects of love can be possible objects of jealousy; possible object of self esteem can be possible object of envy. Love and self esteem, which appear to be the main reasons for the two emotions, are extremely positive values, so that there could be some good in envy and jealousy. In fact, nonmalicious envy can “motivate people to improve themselves”.

It has been proved that envy has an important role in society, a so strong influence on human facts that “there are crimes of envy, politics based on envy, institutions designed to regulate envy and powerful motives for avoiding being envied by others!

This post is special for some one that who are jealous me or jealous your friend as well!!
Read it ,it might help u ..

And i will leave you ,if i found that u start to copying me or jealous me !I Hate !!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nothing special......hahahahaha

Went to Midvalley today ,and bought the Jay Chow Concert Ticket .......swt...
and i am looking for Short pain ...finding and finding !!! Finally ,found white color short pants.The cute short pants inside..........

After that we went to Bangsar Village 2 ,coz i heard they said ,Bangsar village very class ,so just wanna go there and have a look!!!!!!!
BUt When i reach there !!!!!!! It disappoint me !!!Not Nice at All !! Just a Normal shopping mall..And also a VERY SMALL shopping Mall..Nth to shop ......With Few Branded ,and they said is HIGH CLASS!! OMG!!!!Don't go ,u will regret ...

After that ,went back to Sunway Pyramid and Had our Dinner at TGI friday...
Then met up my Mum's friend at Monte's Restaurant and have a drinks with him ...
Thats all..............hahahahah..nth special..........
Jay chow concert ticket......but we didn't go...coz DD got class on that day..haiz..

Monday, February 18, 2008



Here is the chance ,
My Friend ,he is a pet Lover ,
and he was selling pet now,
So ,If u are looking for any pet ,no matter what type,
Like Exotics Pets
Lizards ,
monitors ,
tortoise ,
piranhas ,
sugar glider,
Or the Cute 1,like
Cat .......and a lot

Do Inform HIM !!!!
U can get the cheaper price !!
Here is the Contact :

The Pet Lover BLog :
Email and also MSN :

Bought some thing for my DS

After i when to Ikano ,i just felt that as a Nintendo DS owner i am really outdated for Nintendo DS hardware...

Story began here...
We went to Curve and Ikano ,because wanna watch movie ...
Before that ,we went to Ikano Safari and go and Kepo about the puppy there..
AFter that ,we passed by a shop...hmm...forgot the name...It is a shop that sell those psp ,nintendo ,ps.....something like that la ...
then here is the conversation :
DD : oii....Buy some game to play ,always shout boring and boring
Me: Ya lo....a long time i never touch my NDS and buy new Game ..
Go in the shop and have a look !
Talked to the sale :
Me:Hello ,do u have any new game for Nintendo DS??
Sale" miss ,u want the New R4 or only Nintendo Ds Game ?
Me: HUH?? R4?? what is that ...
Sale :Oh!!!! That is a game card ,can save your Favorite Game inside and Play ..
Me: HUH?? Got This Kind of Things ar???I am really outdated la !
Sale : hahaha..u sure seldom play Ds game rite?
Me: YA ,a long time never touch it ,so how much the R4?
Sale : Normal Price Rm280 ,But we give u RM250
Me : Oh yeah ,Thx..I want it !!!And I want Super Mario Bros and Nintendo Dog!
Sale : Sure!!

HAHAHHAHAHAHH!! I got some New Game !! Yeah Yeah !! only cost me RM250
Before I buy a game atleast RM169 ........1Game RM169 ....hmmmm...quite Exp ...
The R4
So i wont boring le........................................Yeah yeah!@!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Eve ,Happy Valentine days!!

13th February 2008

Oh ya ,Valentine was coming Happy ..hahaha...Hmm,actually we suppose to Celebrate our Valentines days at Bangkok-Thailand ,since we cant get the air ticket ,then just forget about it!!
So we celebrate our Valentines Days at Genting ,Pavilion and Star Hill Gallery ...

13th feb 08,we came up to Genting from my hometown ,Omg!! it is far far away from Genting, we need 3 hour to reach Genting...Before that ,we have to boarding my stupid mafan Puppy at Pet shop 1st ...haiz..have to turn a big round to sent him to the Pet shop .....
At hotel o.................................wakakakkakaka!!!!
Reach there ,we went to shopping ,Hehhehe..DD bought me 3 Valentines Present ,wakakakakkakak,so Happy ,2 Teddy Bear (My favorite collection) and 1 Black Crystal Bracelet .......... at Night ,we had our Dinner at Hotel Restaurant ...................Hmm...So sien ....
But at night we watched a Nice Movie at Genting (CJ7 ,By Stephen chow) ,we watched the Special Screening ,which located at Beside Genting Casino ...nice nice..OMG!! I love the Cute Dog in the Movie ...damn Cute !!!
The Special Screening Hall...........Genting INTERNATIONAL SHOW ROOM
The Cute dog!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$%^#&^$*&%*%*&
It is Super Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he call "tzat zhai"
Then we stayed there for 1 night ,and the second day we went back to Kl and celebrate !!
All the photo at Genting ..
DD bought me 2 of this teddy bear for Valentines ..........
The Black Crystal Bracelet ...........DD bought for BB Valentines

14th February 2008
At Genting Indoor Theme Park,....
Hahaha...woke up at 11am ,prepared myself and check out from the hotel ..came down KL for celebrate Our 4th Valentine days lo...We Planed To celebrate our Valentines Days At Star Hill Gallery it...
On the way to Pavilion innocent .......
Before that ,we went to Cinema and Bought the Movie Ticket..The Movie that we wanna watch for so long ,finally we got it !!! Yeah!! KUNG FU DUNK by My Love Jay Chow !!! we bought the Mandarin Edition ,because wanna listen to Jay Chow Voice .....If Cantonese Edition ,Not his original voice la..hahaha ..

Then we went shopping ,hehehehe...wanna buy some present for DD ...WE went to Parkson Pavilion , have a walked ,and we went the CoolBearWorkStation at Parkson Pavilion ..Hahahahha...and DD bought 2 Teddy bear for Me again !!! Yeah Yeah!!! wakakkakakaka...
But this teddy bear was unique ,they have their own Birth cute..Like it !!Although it is a little bit Expensive..But I like it ....It cost Rm130-160 for each teddy bear( Included voice recorder ) So I gave we gave them their own name ,the 1st teddy will be our cute son ,we named it Tedby ....and the second bear was named as DD ,It is DD !!!!! hahahhaha...
The Process :
Choose a Bear Skin ...
Stuff it
u can Select some clothe for him ......
Fill in the Birth Cert form .............nice nice
The Birth Certificate ..........hehehehe...
This is Tedby .....................cute boy...
This is DD time buy some cloth for him..
LOve DD ,So I got 5 Valentines Present .....Yeah Yeah !!!BUt DD don't even have 1 Valentine 's Present from me....Not I don't want to Buy ,but he Don't want to choose his Present at All...He don't wish that i waste money to bought things to him ...but finally i bought a little cute dog soft toy for him cost me Rm7 only ...wakakakakakka..funny,And DD gave him a cute name!!!

Then at Night we went To Star Hill Galery to Have Our Dinner ........
BUt ................................Since we didn't make any booking for our dinner ,so we cant get into the Restaurant ,because mostly was fully booked ,what i saw was ,the restaurant was Full of Western people (Not Malaysian ..all white man) Haiz.............Not We Don't want to book,we try to make the booking before 3 days of Valentines days ,But the Stupid Restaurant didn't pick up our stupid we went back to Pavilion lo...
Hahahaha..If we dinning at Star Hill Gallery, our Valentines Dinner will cost Us RM 500++ but since they don't have enough seat for us ,we went back to Pavilion TGI Friday to have our Valentines Dinner ,hehehehe...So it will cost Us only RM200......hahaha..Save Rm300 ....

We got our Movie show at 11pm,and we reach TGI Friday at 10pm ,so we only have 1 hour to enjoy our dinner ......BUt Lousy things happened !!! We wait for half and hour ,and they still haven't serve our drink and food for us..OMG!!! 10:30pm already ,we got our Movie show at 11pm la....What the hell..and Finally ,got a supervisor passed by us ,and he asked us ,did we make any order??
yea..we answered him ,then he went to the computer desk and check for our Order !!! GOsh !! The Stupid Waiter never make any order for us!!!!!!!!!!!and We are in a rush ,just left half an hour,impossible we cant finish our dinner between half and hour..Then DD told them that ,if they didn't make any order for us,we cancel our order la..because really in a Rush la....

Then the Supervisor so good,he scare we will hungry ,so he serve the Appetizer and Dessert For us For FREE for TGI FRiday's Apologize ..hahahaha....OMg!!! Free Dessert ,I like the Free dessert ,It is Mocha Ice Cream Cake..Damn nice!!! Hahahaha!! FRee Free!! hahahaha!!
But ,Finally ,we didn't enjoy our Valentines Dinner at All!! It is Too Bad!!

After Finish our food ,we went to cinema immediately ,and quickly bought some snack at the Cinema F&B and attend to our Movie....
Hahahaa...It is really nice Movie...for Jay Chow Fans Recommended ,better watch the Mandarin Edition Kung Fu Dunk ,Because Mostly all the Actor in the Movie use their own voice to spook mandarin ....Especially Jay Chow..Damn Cute !! Hahahaha..Love it!! Love Jay Chow!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah Yeah ,I got 5 Valentines Present !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Melacca 1 day trip ........

Today ,we got nothing to just have a 1 day melacca trip lo.....hehehehehe...
1st ,we went to the afamosa .....
The A famosa................
And we went to The New Shopping centre at Melacca , Dataran Pahlawan ..
The Shopping centre located at A'famosa..Just beside A'Famosa..
At Melacca ,all the Place of interested just nearby each other .....very easy to get there!! Nice!! Great!!

Waakakakakka....The First Roxy and Quiksilver at Melacca
Dataran Pahlawan main entrance door.....

Then walked the Red House ,It is Build by Dutch .........

After that ,we went to Jonker walk .........hahahahaha.....All the place just nearby us...No need to drive..Just walked around there...\

Hmmm..Jonker walk ...Just like Pasar Malam ..........crowded..i hate ........But u can found a lot of nice Local Food here,especially cendol !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 !!!!!!!!!!

The 1st Days of Chinese New year ..........
Nothing Special ...Just visit DD's relative and Granny and Take angPao...
hmm,something about this Chinese New year was,DD's House Under Construction,so we cant order the Lion bad,Every Chinese New Year ,DD's Family also will order the Lion Dance at the 1st day of Chinese new Year.........
haiz..No More Lion Dance.............................Boring ...........

Happy Chinese new Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DD's mummy gave me this ,she luck vey bad in this year ,so may this can protect me..

At Night ,went to DD's Friend Place and play those poker card !!Gamble! Gamble!! WIn RM8 ...hahaha..Crazy ...

The second day ,
Hmm....Boring ...went to DD's Granny House and have their steamboat lunch..I hate steamboat ,and i don't eat steamboat !!!!!!His Granny got order the Lion Dance ,hahaha,,,happy..but i wait until 4pm ,the Lion Dance Haven't bad..then don't want to wait anymore
went to DD's Old school Friend Place,playing playing and playing....Nice nice....

3rd days.....
Woke up early ,because DD's Daddy wanna bring us to their Relative house...for "bai nian"..
Gosh Tired ...............After that ,we went to Jusco ,and have our Lunch ..........
Since Jusco don't have Sakae Sushi ,then we went to Sushi King !!!!!!!!! hahahaha..
Hahaha..i Like this..the new Inari Burger Sushi...........cute..........
Only DD and his Bro ate all this.........almost Rm70 only Sushi.....sot !!! Eat so much Sushi...
And just Like Normal ,DD's Little Naughty Bro wanna buy new toys again..DD's Daddy will buy him a new toy in every week,all the toys over Rm200++ ,so his little bro will buy almost Rm1000 toys in a month .... Crazy...and once he got the New Toys ,he don't want those old toys ==''
When i was a kid ,i also same with new toys ,throw old toys...hahahahahhaha..Crazy..
The we went Back lo...but at night ,DD's Friend have a STEAMBOAT Party again!! OMG!!
I am going to die soon........steamboat and steamboat..i don't eat steamboat la please..
Then we gambling again...
We played 21 and in between.........
I like to Play In excited ..The first two round ,i won RM60 ++
But at the end.................i lose RM60 ..........hahahahha....

And the 5th of CHinese New year,DD brought me back to my Grandma Hometown.....
although My Ganny was passed away at last year,but i still hope to go back there.....