Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shinjuku 新宿 , Tokyo, Japan

Hahaha!! Time to the Main Street after the coke light XD HEHEHE
So here we were after a long walk. 
Look at the crowd, well it wasn't the crowd-est yet! You haven't seen the one in Shibuya !!
Actually we didn't have to walk for such a long distance, it's because we went out from the wrong exit of the Railway Station, so yeah...

Victoria Golf!! It's everywhere in Japan!! 

Below was the the escalator that linked us to another street which was under the fly over ...

Here is it!!!!

Free Tissue everywhere!!XD

Look, it's not easy to be a celebrity in Japan, the guy was singing his own song 
on the street and selling his own album...

Well, I personally thought that this mascot looked like one of my friend, Lawrence Kong !! XD HAHAHAHAHAHA

It's Zara, well who is Zara Fans????? Hmmm... I am not though!! XD

Let's shopping Then ~~~
It's Takashimaya!! 
Yeah Yeah, if you know it's same as the orchard one in SG! 

The Famous Burberry Blue Label in Japan.
Well, I prefer the Burberry instead of Blue Label.

Well, Basically, Most of the Brands is even more expensive than Malaysia, even after the gst refund!!

LOL, and Kah Yong finally found his speical porsche design shoes in the Adidas, plus the design is only available in Japan!! "Syiok" like crazy la, Mr.Lim!!!
Well, he is a Porche Design Fans, so he wants everything in Porche Design =='

So here we went to Victoria golf and have look!!!

Continue to explore...It's night time already ~~
Well, shopping really took much time huh!!

It's the street that full of restaurants.
As I told you I am a bento lover,
so here we were to find a bento restaurant !!

Found One after a few minute walk. Lucky XD

He was trying to show what he wanted to order.=='

The cold Toufu, yeah, it's cold one.

AH!! It's my Yasai Tempura Bento !! I thought it's the best bento I had ever eaten in Jap, Well I don't know, maybe it's because I was very hungry at that time, but it tasted real good !!!!!
Very Cheap,  550 Yen (Rm20 ++) It's considered cheap if you could find food that cost only Rm15-25 in Japan.  Total bill for two of us only 1200Yen (Rm44 ++)

"Itadakimasu"~~~~~~~~~ (Let's eat)

Continue shopping after Dinner!!!
And Look!!!
It's a 4 Stories Forever 21!!! 
Well, each of the levels is equivalent to one forever 21 outlet in the Malaysia!!
It's 4 stories right now!! I wondered how they choose their apparels.
I rarely go to the Forever 21 in Malaysia as I thought it's way too big and I hate to
choose my apparels in such a big store, it would make me headache,
 But It's 4 stories right now!!! Aw, I must go and have a look although I'm not a 21 Lover!!!! 

Well, I swore, the Forever 21 here is even better, nicer, cleaner than 
the one in Malaysia, the decoration was pretty!!
it's all in pink!!!
I love their fitting room the most!!!

Since it's so lovely, I must get some stuff,
but it's way too big and I was physically headache when I saw such a big store,
so Kah Yong Lim did the "choosing" job!! XD
Oh is it??????

Tadaa!! Got my stuff!! XD HAHAAHA, nice one.
 The price range in Japan was around 3000-8000 Yen (Rm100-300)
It's expensive or cheaper I don't know as I rarely buy stuff in Forever 21.
You may do the comparison.

It's 8pm!! So,Say Bye Bye to Taka, it's closed.

Was looking at the guide to check where should we go after this
as most of shops were closing,
yeah, they closed at 8pm!!!!! T_T

Well, we couldn't find anywhere that were not closing.
So we just wandering around the street.

AH HA!!!!! The Taito Station!!
Let's Play Game!!

Hello Kitty!!!!

Well, "Cheat One" as cheesie said.
It's not easy to get unless you stay there for whole night long ! HAHAHA

Then Kah Yong Saw this!!
Crepe Store.

Many flavor to choose from .

The Banana Chocolate Crepe!!
490 Yen (Rm18++)
I did not like it as it's too creamy, I am not the dessert kind of person.
I don't eat sweet/ice-cream like all the girls do....
But Chocolate will do, there's where my fats comes from XD

Well, it's around 10pm after the walk, kinda late already,
we decided to go back,
 and we saw this on our way back !!
IT's TONS of Rubbish!!!!!
GUESS where it came from???
It's ALL from McD!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!

Time to go back!!
Well there's a last place to shop!!
It's at the Underground Metro Subway Station!!!
As I told you, some of the Metro Station has a shopping street !!!

It's all from their own designer brand, and it's kinda expensive.

Like this, After Sales 5775Yen (Rm200++) ==' 
If it's from GUESS or Monaco I would think it's cheap. Well I don't know.

Say Bye Bye to Shinjuku!!!!!!!!!

Next Up!!

HEHEHE... I don't know yet!

Stay Tuned~~~~~~~

~Have a nice day ~
Vic Vicky Victoria 

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