Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My 20th Birthday in TokyoDisneyland ♥ Magic 2

Some of my friends were asking me to do my second update of my Tokyo Disney as soon as possible. I think they are disney fans too XD eheheheheh ...
DISNEY Fans!!!
Let's continue....

After the exploring of Adventure Land, we went back to the fantasy land as I was the one who wanted to take the Haunted Mansion Ride!! LOL, I was the one okay!!! The first time that I volunteered to take a haunted ride....

But well, I was the one who felt very regret once I got into the mansion entrance .... HAHAHAH XD

It didn't look so creepy from the outside....
But it looked creepy inside the waiting hall ~~~~~~~~~~~~
U know, Disneyland is good in Sound effect .......

I wasn't allowed to take picture inside the mansion so this was the best I could do ..

Then what's next!! I always wanted to take the Space Mountain ride in Tomorrowland, but I always missed it at most of the disneyland because they ran out of fast passes or the queue was too long, like 2 hours for a ride??

It's Tomorrowland !!!!

U know what? I was so lucky this time, the fast pass of the ride was out but I didn't know why there's only a few people in the stand by line, so if I were to queue, I only needed to wait for half an hour to take the ride 

Woohoooo, and u know what, after I went in the stand by queue, there were tons of people came for the ride, oh, lucky me....I got in first !! XD

Look, the queue at the stand by line!!! Lucky me!!!
HEHEHEHEHEH, NICE Ride!!!!! Do not miss this when you go to disneyland..

Well, lucky didn't come in one, we were so lucky that our time matched with a Disney OneMan's Dream showtime when we came out from the ride. So no queue no waiting, we went in right after ...
Its called "One man's Dream" show.
All of the characters in Disney would appear in this show...kinda nice..

The magic stage, it sparks !!!

Isn't this looks so familiar ??? It's A bug's life!!! Oh, I miss this movie..

Besides, we also found out a trick in Tokyo Disneyland,
The land closed at 10pm but most of the Japanese went back at 7-8pm, so if you wanted to take the ride, u could go for all of them after 8pm as you don't have to queue up anymore!!!!!
Even for the popular rides, you might only need to queue up for 5-10 minutes, it was a very fast waiting time for the ride in DIsneyland..
But this only happened at TokyoDisney....

The night time in Tomorrowland... amazing ...

Nice one..

We took a rest before the night magic light parade started,  I went to their souvenir boutique to get myself some costume accessories to put on for my next day  ♥ XD  Love to be in Disneyland as you could dress up to be anyone you want and nobody would judge ...!!! fantasyland...

EE~~~~ I love Marie's hand band all the time, but I already got one in Paris Disney, so next !!!
HAHAHAHAHA, will let you know what I got at the next Disneysea post, which I put it on that day!!

Oh, It's 8pm, The Parade Started !!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!

It's so nice to me!!!
I don't know should I post up the video of this parade as I don't know you guys interested in it or not...
If you really like it do let me know and I will post up....

So, PeterPan Ride was next !! Ky's idea....HAHAH

The Mini Ship is cute, right? Agree !!!!!!!!!

Wanted to play in the Maze of Alice in Wonderland but it closed for maintenance T_T

The Restaurant of Queen Hearts..

Look at uncle lim...
 AR!! Die die also wanted to play!! 
Red heart poker!! You wake up and open it for me!!

It's a small world ride, normally, you would need to queue for 1 or 2 hour for this ride, but
we didn't queue as it's already 9pm in Disneyland, and most of the japanese went back!!

Then we saw this when we passed by the Castle...

So nice!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the last show of the day!! It's a Special show which only available during 
summer season in Disneyland!!
What about the show???
It's a SPLASH + Fireworks show!!!!!
Prepare to get very WET if you want to join the show!!
It's so  so so so fun!! BUt it's required special ticket which you have to 
get it in advance before the show to get in!!!!!!!!!
Therefore, We marked this event down, and prepare to join this at the 3rd day
 in Disneyland!! WOoohooo!!!!!

We didn't bother to stay at the castle as we didn't have the pass for it, so we went for another rides instead!!!


well, I knew nothing about Star Tours, but my mr.lim liked it !! =='

Monster Inc. Ride!! It's also the last ride of the day as the theme park was closing soon..
WHo like Monster Inc??? Raise your hand!!!!
Tell you a secret, I know Monster inc was popular, 
but I never watch monster inc, what's it all about huh???

Very cute ride...

We went back to our Resort right after this. Oh!! I was drop dead tired due to lack of sleep!!!

The Disneyland Resort Liner station... As Fantasy as usual... ^^
The train sent us back to the resort.

Look at stupid "chao tut" face after a FREAKING AWESOME and tired day..!!!

Well, the first thing I did when I reached my room was
ordered in room dining !!!!!!!! AR!!
I was so hungry !!!! You guys must be wondering why didn't I 
have my meals in Disneyland???
Believe me, I so wanted to do so but I couldn't find any vegetarian food in Disneyland 
, why vegetarian?? Long story ~~tell you next time..

Well.... Hotel didn't have vegetarian meals too...So 
I was FORCED to eat meat!!! Ew!!!!!!!

Uncle Lim say Hi before he went to bed and sleep like a dead pig!

Tadaaa...the very cute in  room dining..
CUTE !!!!!

Well, it looked so yummy though... and it tasted good XD hahahahaha...
Me, No longer a great vegetarian...
I ate meat all the time when I was in Tokyo Disney for 3 days T_T
I felt weird as I have been a vegetarian for 2 months...

Went to bed right after this,
I know, it's so fattening !!! But who cares!!!
Happy go lucky!!!!!!! 

Well, it's my Day 1 in Tokyo Disneyland....
TOKYO DisneySEA was next!!!!!!
Believe me!! It was a blast!!
Don't stay away for too long, stay tune..

Will update soon........ HEHEHEHEHE

~Great Birthday in Disneyland~
Vic Vicky Victoria