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♥ My 20th Birthday in TokyoDisneyland ♥

A magical land,  cinderella sparkling crystal heels, a beautiful sleeping princess, a prince charming, a fairy land,  a bunch of lovely talking animals, the lovely 7 dwarfs, the romantic beautiful castle and more magic..
These are what I've been dreaming on .................
A Fairy Land....... I always dream to live in a fairy tale ......
That's the reason why I am so obsessed with Disneyland.

Well, I am 20 right now!!! AR!!!! NO NO NO!!! I am still young !! still young !! right right ???
aw..I know, I just don't want to face the truth that my age starts from 2 from now on~~~~ T_T

LOL, But still, think of the bright side!!!
Talking about Disney, I always love to go to Disney with only my love one ♥ alone......
It's a the most romantic thing to me...XD something like prince charming, true love kiss.?? Yeah I know I know, I just love to be in fairy tales.....
I remember, our first love trip (KahYong and I) was when I was 16, we went through our relationship for 1 year+ at that time, and we decided to have a Paris Disney Trip together !!!
It was so so so romantic and it was the best memories I will ever had.... It's our first love trip @ ParisDisney... sweet to the max !!! XD

OK, let's talk about my birthday trip.
Our flight was on the 13th of July, which was my birthday eve.....
U know, I only packed my stuffs 3 hour before the flight ....yeah, that's great, rush like hell XD

Some of the pocket money... 
We got bad rate as we exchanged our currency at the very last minute...
Rm370 per pieces of 10000yen.

U know, KahYong is not a "surprise" person, he can never do some really surprise or freaking romantic thingy, and he doesn't know how to and he is just way to ........hmmmm..honest ??? or straight ?? or dull???
But he is a sweet boy friend indeed....

Our flight was on the night of my birthday eve,  normally, when I board on a flight, the first thing I do is open up the duty free catalog !! XD Shopping is love....
So I did the same thing, reading the catalog and talking to myself which was nice, which i like...
At the mean time, he was planning something, he marked the things that I thought was nice in the catalog and bought it secretly while I was enjoying my sleep....
Until 12am sharp of the night, he presented to me my first 20th on board birthday gift!!!
It's a Pierre Cardin Earring Set, only available @ duty free.

Aw!! I was like !! WHAT!!! WHen he bought it??? why I never notice ????!!!It was very sweet though !!!! Kind of a surprise by him ♥!
Enjoying the meal...loving it..

I love this flower brooch from Thai Airways....It's real orchid ..

After 8 hours of flight, exhausted one as I never slept on the flight, we arrived at TOKYO!!!!
OH!!! FINALLY FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Scream loudly, non stop, when I arrived at the airport..!!! HAHAHA!!!! Very tired indeed!!!

It was the next morning !
It's also my birthday !!!!! 14th of July !!!!!
Time for my Fantasy land!!!!!!

We went to Disneyland  right after !!

The train to DIsneyland....Aw..The railway in Jap is such a mess to me!!

It was so freaking convenience here is Japan, everything was so systematic ..!!
There is 8 official hotel in Disneyland, so u can choose whatever hotel u want !!!
Reached there at 12pm and proceed to the early check in first as I was drop dead tired!!!

Jr Maihama Station - connected to Disney Resort Liner

When we reached the station, there's a special Resort Hotel check in center for us to check in/ buy ticket in advance and send our luggage to the hotel ... so we don't have to carry tons of stuff, take the resort line  step by step to our resort...

Well, Tokyo Disney is really big, i swear u can't manage  to walk to your hotel, u will need to take the resort line ......
Sounds complicated..??? here is it ....

This is the very cute Tokyo Disney Resort Liner
As usual, mickey is everywhere.
The map of the resort liner, only 4 stations.
It's a Disney Line that only cruise on Tokyo Disney Resort Area, there's 4 station,
1st was Resort Station, which connected to the JR line (Japan Railway ) for the passenger from tokyo,
Second was Disneyland Station, obviously it's at Disneyland, 3rd was Tokyo Bay Resort Station, which was for our DisneyResorts ,  lastly, the Tokyo DisneySEA station, which was for TokyoDisneySEA!!

It cost 250yen ( Rm9.5) for one way !!
But we will be using the resort line frequently as we were staying in DisneyResort,
so we got our self the 2 day pass, which cost only 800 Yen (Rm29.6) per person.

Resort Liner 2 day pass ticket.

Yeah!!! Finally!!!!!! The resort !!!!!!!! Loving the resort garden, very sweet .....

Oh!! Spotted a couple taking their photograph @ the hotel...sweet..

Posing in an elevator ?
It's for kids

So what's next?? well, I had a hot bubble bath then SLEEP!!!!!!! huh???You Must be wondering, it's my birthday, how can I sleep in the hotel for a day and waste 1 day for disneyland????
HEHEHE, don't worry, it's just a nap...
...look, high tech toilet...

After I've recharged myself, I felt so refreshed !!!! Time to go !!!!!!!!!!
Oh...quite a great view from our room!!

Loving the view


Camwhore is a must !! XD

I went to Disneyland at 4pm in the end, hahaha, lol, half day wasted though!!!!!
Is ok Is ok!!

The tokyo disneyland hotel.

Getting the ticket.... It cost around 10000 yen (Rm370) per person...
It cost around Rm500 per person when u buy a 3 days ticket,which was what we bought as we decided to extend our stay in Disneyland!! HAHAH!!! Couldn't get enough of it !! Extended from 2 days to 3 days in Disney was the best decision!!!! Wooohoo!!!!!!

Oh yeah!! A tip for u, when it's your birthday, you will get a birthday sticker from Disneyland.

When the crew see u with the ticket, they will turned excited, clapping their hand and wish you happy birthday !!!! It was so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!  I Just simply love Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!

HEHEHE, guess who I met when I stepped in Disneyland?

It's Alice  !!!!!!!!!! cute, isn't she ?!

At the disney bazzar, it's something like main street USA but with roof..

LOL, it was Ky's idea...XD

AR!!!!!!!!!! THE CASTLE!!!!!!!!! XD 
LOL, I can still scream like crazy even though I have been to Disney Castle for so many times..

A closer irresistible..
It's Cinderella castle....So beautiful ...Aw...

LOL, look at this duck...I wasn't sure was that a duck?? well, I didn't know...
It's wild...we couldn't touch and feed them...

TIME to Explore the park!!!!!!
Well, everyone was asking me about the weather in Japan...
Hmm, It's summer, The sun was burning, but tokyo bay was freaking windy!!!!
I didn't exaggerate !!! It's very very windy!!
It's like it gonna blow u away !!!!! The wind could even move you!!
It's like it was pushing u to move forward ....
Therefore you wouldn't feel the hotness, but still, u would get sun burn ...
why??? Because the sun was still there!!! XD

The Big Thunder Mountain ride, u have to get the fast pass,
if not, you are gonna stand by there for 2 hour....crazy ...

@ The WesternLand.

We spotted mickey at the back of the castle ...cute !!

Aw...very lovely bathroom huh!!!!!!
It's in their souvenir shop...U can buy all the toiletries / amenities in there.

We went back to the castle right after this as we wanted to take picture with the beautiful castle..
Out of sudden, there's a japanese girl who volunteer to take a picture of us..
so here is it !!! XD

hahahahhhaahaha..funny !!!


Japanese is just simply nice!! I love their culture !!!
But I don't speak Japanese and they don't speak english ... =='

LOL, from the picture, you can see how windy it was...

Oh, I have a dream~~~~~~~~~~

Ky said I looked cute in this picture..
so he wanted to copy....

Failed much!!
I looked cuter !!! XD 

HEHEHEH, let's continue to explore the park!! 
Actually, we were planning to explore the park on the first 2 day as we know we wouldn't  have enough time for the rides...
So Exploring came first, then we would take all the rides on the 3rd day in both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySEA after we figured out the park..

Our map.

Hmmm, this theme park required time management to visit or fully enjoyed as
there's a lot of show in between a day and you had to plan wisely if u wanted to catch the show/event/program/parade and rides....

Entering the adventure land..

The tree house...

Uncle lim!!

HEHEHE, Do u remember this little fat fella in the movie??? 

And the lovely old man???
It's the movie - UP!
This is CUTE !!!!! 

What's next??
It's snacks time!!! I love snacks !!!!!!! 
Cute french fries in cup..
Cost 250yen (Rm9+ ) for each cup of fries...cute 
It taste nice...

Well, I think I will stop here as I am so tired right now ...
There's 2000 pictures in Disneyland..
But I won't upload all as it takes ages to view and upload too XD

Don't worry...
Stay tune!! To be continued ............

~I love my birthday~ 
Vic Vicky Victoria

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