Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Baby ♥ June 1

Welcome the New Baby in the House.
Got a call from Miu Miu once I touched down from HK, it's their VIP sales preview!! Hooraay!!! I I was so excited as thought I could get something nice and cheap at the preview, but who knows I got the new arrivals instead of sales item,
as always, nothing nice on sales items ... T_T

It's the new arrival again, they have only two pieces and I grabbed the last piece.
(Miu Miu strategy, everything is limited and exclusive)
There's a girl trying the bag too, but I was so evil as I paid it before she could even decide to buy or not!

~ Spree Spree Spree~ 
June is like a freaking money burning month! 
More to come! Gonna hit it to 15k again XD

Vic Vicky Victoria

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