Friday, September 3, 2010

Asakusa 淺草

I was looking for a place that's full of Japanese culture in Tokyo, like temples ???
After a night of research in the hotel, here I found Asakusa. 
It's a famous tourist spot in tokyo, it's famous for Senso-Ji, (金龍山浅草寺) which is an ancient buddhist temple. 

So today I am going to bring you to Asakusa....
Here we go!!!!!!!!!

On the way ~~~~~~~~~


During Interchange at EUNO!

Asakusa Station.

FInally, ASAKUSA!!!!!!

Before we reached the temple, we would pass by a street called "Nakamise", 
Well, The Nakamise is a street on the approach to the temple,
you can find all kind of Japanese souvenir, food, apparels etc in the street!!
The Street.

It's Japanese Mochi, 630Yen (Rm24) each,
I bought tons, but it's all for my friends as I don't eat mochi.

Many Many Kind of Souvenirs.

Their packagings are just simply adorable !! 


LOL!!! He wanted to get a Japanese Tie!!!

Chopsticks Chopstick! SO nice, I got myself a Pink one, and also 
for my friends XD

Besides, There are many boutiques that sell all kind of Yukata (浴衣) and Kimono (和服),
Since the weather was okay(Not too hot) and I was a fan of Japanese Traditional Apparels so I decided to get myself a Yukata, well, the reason why I chose Yukata instead of Kimono because Yukata was like a casual summer kimono to them,  It's very common to see people wearing yukata to attend all kind of festival or event like fireworks display, bon odori during summer season in Japan.

Well, after a round of bargain, YES!! I WAS TRYING TO!! And obviously I failed !! The aunty only gave me a 5% discount as she said I was a tourist, so 5%GST Refund ==' !!

TADAAAA!!!! A PINK ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much is it after 5% discount?? 
Yeah, 8000 Yen (Rm296).
Accessories like socks and paper fans were not included.
I didn't thought that the yukata was expensive at the first place until 
I found a shop at the end of the street that was selling a complete set of kimono at 4500 Yen (Rm166) 

Well, time for the temple ~~~~

On the way.

HAHAH!! LIM KAH YONG looked so funny!!!! 


Let's go!!

Here we were!! The Famous Senso-Ji !!!
Let's go and pray !!!!

Before you get in, you could get a piece of Joss Stick at 100yen at the entrance.

We lit it up and kinda fan the smoke to our body like what everyone was doing,
I didn't know why too, just followed!! XD

Then we got into the temple and prayed. You may pray for whatever you want!! 

Then here we were at the holy water fountain!!
 You can wash your face, your hand or you can even drink it if you want.

Then here we moved to the interesting part of the temple. Check your luck!!!
Mr.Lim, putting a 100yen in the box, for a pray.

And he got a good fortune in the future.

It's My turn!!!!
Take the bottle and pray, ask for whatever you want and shake it until you see a stick gets out, then you 
can check the number on the stick.

After this, follow the number and find the correct drawer, take 1 of the paper in the drawer and it will explain your wish/problem/whatever you wish for.

I got Best Fortune!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

Then you get to the other side, pray again and tie your "Fate Paper" on the rod. 


We were done at Senso-Ji Temple, 
then we went to have a look at the Asakusa Hanayashiki, The Oldest themepark in Japan.

On the way~~

Opps!!! We found another temple again, yeah,
there's a lot of temples in Asakusa.

There's god in the small house.

Pray Pray

HERE we reached the themepark!!
Asakusa Hanayashiki.
It's the oldest theme park in Japan, and all of the rides seems so fast and thrilled. 
You can get more detail on their website.

LOL, I did not understand a single word of it!!

We didn't go in to the theme park as we already had enough rides in Disneyland,
so next we went to the place which a japanese show was showcased.

Show Started!!

Well, actually we did not understand what were they talking about,
we just watched ! XD

End!! And Photos moment came!!

There's many old uncle selling all this kind of Ice, so we gave it a try ..
Kinda nice, sweet~~~~

Back to Nakamise and did my last shopping for souvenir.

Spotted this cute lil thing on the street.

Say Bye bye to Asakusa !!!!!!!!!!!!

~Loving the Japanese culture~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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