Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phatom Of the Opera

Just finished this Movie !!
this is awesome !! I love this Movie so much !
As i remembered ,we learned this Novel when we were in Form 2 ,
The story is Interesting !!! I like it so much!!!
And i like 2 character in the novel ,especially the Phantom,He is Intelligent ,but he has a very very pitiful background ,quite pity him...
And Christine ,She has a very pretty voice ,she sang the Song that i like!
And Raoul ,Hmm,Nothing to explain about him ...because not really interested about him!

And the things that i love the most in this Movie was their Opera Song!!! Oh gosh! I love Opera song !! Especially "Think of Me",this is the song that i like the most!!
Christine Daae and the Phantom
This is Carlotta ,she is Funny..hahahahaha...
Christine and Raoul
The Phantom brought Christine to his secret underground home!

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