Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinner With My German Language Classmates !

Maureen ,1 Of my German Language Classmate ,She is going to Singapore to Have her New Job Soon ! So Tonight ,We got a Farewell Party ! And She decided to Treat Us !! Wow!! My Favorite TGI Friday's ,Love it!!

Since i quited my German Language class Last Month ,I didn't meet them anymore ,Until Today ,I Met Them ,Miss them so much ,and Tonight ,we really talked a lot ,and they keep fooling around !
And they teased me all the time,GRRRR.......I wanna beat the John !!!HAHAHAHAHa!!
It was a Great Dinner ! Here is some Photo about the Dinner :
The Margarita Drinks at TGI Friday ...
I favorite Fish and Chip ..
The appetizer !!
Food Food Food ..Main Course ! Main Course ! Main Course !

All Of us at TGI , From the left ,black shirt - Johnathan ,and then Wan ,Sathya ,Me ,Maureen!

Then ,at the Mid night ,Yum cha With My Baby Sopo Lin at McDonalds again ...Ok ,we always Yum cha at Midnight ...Coz it is fun !! Like it!!!And Finally ,the Sopolin got her own New Blog ,So Pls Visited to her Blog ,Nice !http://chubbylife.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

hi there,

thanx for dropping by.. the trip to london is GREAT.. i went on kinda like a budget thingy so i basically live like a tramp there. haha..

you studying german so tat u can study there? i've been there before too.. u feel that the german's are smarter.. lol. went to those car factories for a private tour and everything is so nice!

yinyin said...

wow....it is a great london trip...hahaha.ya i learned german language ,because my family were there..so ,may go there for furthur study!!^^

Anonymous said...

ooo.. good for you... have some frens there as well..

am currently in russia finishing my MD. another one year and i'll be finish and back to my home country.. haha..

no prob in linking you.. =)

YinYin said...

hehehe..thx 4 ur linked....wheer is your hometown???