Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your subconscious mind

Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long,kinda busy these few days (for shopping XD),so today I am going to talk about Subconscious mind ......hehe..Shit ...I feel like I am an old women who wants to lecture some kids. Lol...actually I just want to share what I thought !

Yeah, after Kah yong came back from a camp, Warrior Camp by T Harv Eker , he told me that actually human judges people by their subconscious mind or by their files in their brains.
I didn't really believe and focus on this at 1st , but eventually I found out that it is real ,because plenty of examples appeared in front of me.
For instance, some of my friends, they didn't buy branded stuff at all because it was too expensive to them, like 3k-5k a bag ? They had to work very hard to get it and even though they got this kind of money they won"t spend on a Bag, they rather spent it on dining or travel. Yeah, this was what they thought. 

When they saw some girls who carried some branded bags or stuffs, they would say It was FAKE !!! I asked them why ? They would answer me," Of course la ! No one will use a few thousand to buy a bag la,that is crazy ....If not, they ask their boyfriends to buy want, I don't think they will buy on their own, so expensive."

Yeah , this is 1 of the examples, they couldn't afford the bag and they thought everyone was the same.

You are poor/rich but doesn't mean everyone is poor/rich as you, you will never know how rich/poor people can be.

Second example : 
It was about 1 of my friend's ex boy friend , his personality was poor, he owe money, selfish, cheap,stole things and he was a liar. When my friend wanna break up with him, he shouted at my friend and said : "U know what, you will not find a Boyfriend as good as me, the other guy who wanna go after you just want to have sex with u and bring u out to show off!!"

Actually we all knew him, he was selfish and cheap, he was together with my friend because my friend was pretty and he wanted to show off. Oh yeah ,1 more thing, my friend would give him some money to use...OH MY GOD !!!! 
So u can see that his subconscious was projected through the sentences he shouted on My friend.
Oh yeah, now my friend got a Boyfriend which is 100 times better than him.
.You are the one but doesn't mean every one is the same with u .. They are they and you are you !!!
1 more, Judge by look is another issue, But I will not talk about it now, I do judge people by their look before, but I won't from now on ! XD


Akira 思胜 said...

BB, I agree with you... Well, everyone is not the same, dont judge a book by its cover, right?

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Agree with u darling...

By physical appearance, it won't determine what inside the heart..

ahh, people always do that to me..they'll say I'm totally ugly and fat..T_T

Jerine said...

i just want to make a point here. subconscious actually means when you don't realise it. you can't expect someone to change something they don't realise they are doing. for example, when you see a dirty old man sitting next to you on the MRT, you'll move to other seat because you just can't stand his smell. by doing that you are judging him subconsciously. as for your first example...those are really kampung ah lian. they probably don't know that branded bags can cost really cheap in oversea. i bought a dior for less than 200euro in milan. when i went back to KL, that bag costs RM 7000 over. i admit i won't pay RM 7000 for a bag, but i can afford 200euro. not all branded bags are expensive, ok? when i read what you wrote i feel like slapping those ah lians.

nice9 said...

I see eye on eye with your my dear~
This world have so many ppl as you put in in the example, they think what they think and put the whole world as what they think~

Bryan See said...

i am 300 times better lor! lol.. =p jokin..

hzrh said...

hi BB..
i am 100% agree with wat u wrote.some people judge others are actually afraid by their own shadow.i got a fren who is very judgemental.everyone she sees always seems to have something wrong, like how they dress,wat shoes they wearing.it turns up that she's actually ARE afraid with wat people gonna say about her.i pity her.

ckkher said...

hmmmm i bet most of u ppl here .... more or less also judge ppl ubconciously rite??? aiyaaa.... for sure everyone more or less will judge strangers subconsciously thru acts n appearance . hw can one not judge others subconsciously??? when they dunno a single thing bt another strtanger ??? even if they dun say out their perspective on someone their mind would still judge them like dat wad..... conclusion ! judging ppl subconsciously is not wrong (its natural) just dun say it out loud to everyone n keep it to urself ...

YinYin said...

akira : yea...thx

zara:don't bother them ...k ..u r sweet

nice9: yea yea....

jerine : yea,that is a normal reaction by ur subconcious mind when u saw a dirty man , but judging people by ur subconscious mind is totally unfair ....I really don't know how to explain , but this is what we lean from a mind set seminar, don't judge people by your subconscious mind...

bryan : huh???? @@

hzh L: hey ya..u r totally right .....!!

CKkher :yup... judging people subconsciously is not wrong and natural..everyone do that ...and we all know this..why don't we put on this way...since everyone know this ,why don't we change ... judge people by your subconscious mind is totally unfair to the stranger ..........we have to improve ..........and we just really need to improve our mind set .........if not you will be outdated and be kicked out by the society , like those kampung kia........this is what we learn from the mind set seminar ......
don't judge people by your subconscious mind...thx

Jonathan Nathan said...

Yeah, I agree with you, we often judge people by their cover and we don't care to look deeper to find the best in them.

But we also always want to be someone else. You brought up a good point to ponder "They are they and you are you". Be honest to yourself.

Very thoughtful post! Thanks for sharing!

YinYin said...

jonathan nathan : yea ^^thx ...I just thought about this when i talk to my bf..we are discussing about subconscious mind so I just post this to share what i know and i try to write it as general as i can .....anyway , thx 4 understand.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

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