Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phew.....Just Finished 2 of my exam papers ,which are English and History test,but I felt so hopeless of the exam,I thought I could score Straight A's for this semester, but......after this....I know it wouldn't be.......haiz...1 more paper to go !!

Picture of the Day
Anyway, I went to Pavilion with DD yesterday night as we wanna catch up a Movie - Seven Pound ,It is kinda boring at the beginning but very touching after that. 

And I didn't managed to get anything today, Just got some earrings from Eclipse ..Oh my!! Can't stop buying earring ......


Akira 思胜 said...

1 more paper to go? Well done ya! Keep it up!!!

@ng31a said...

Dear~!! Your hair very long edy leh!! Envy envy!! =)
Btw, all the best in your coming paper!!! muax!!

And about the friend that you mentioned in the previous post, saying that she always copy your baby Jess, just leave her alone la...She is just being jealous and she wanna get attention only~ Let it be la...Don't feel sad because of her lo!! I don't wanna see my princess yinyin gets angry~!! ehehee....MUAX!!

nice9 said...

One more paper...Gambate ya my dear~

Wanna see your earing too~ Show it lar... >.<

Carely_Babystar said...

gambateh dear
u can do it!

YinYin said...

akira : yea thx ..

Angela: hey girl thx 4 ur concern..actually ..i dun care bout the lifess cat ...i just post it for my baby J ..^^

nicce 9: time i will show it kk..

babystar : hahaha....i will !!! thx..

Angeline said...

One more paper~it is very easy one~if u know how to do~~ me also got~~me tomorrow~Scare

Angeline said...

yinyin~dun forget my blog website
u can visit~~^^

Jonathan Nathan said...

Hey, sorry I didn't stop by for a long time. Good to hear that you're adjusting well to uni life. Exams and assignment will become your life for the next few years but that is what you will need for working life. Learn as much as you can now and you'll be successful in your future.

Good luck for that 1 remaining paper and I hope you get straight A's. ;)