Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Update ...

Oh ! Before i create a new post ,i have to take a deep breath 1st!!! Phew .....Finally !!!! I can lay my fingers on the keyboard and Update my blog ^^
These few days i have been busying for my Assignments ,classes ,activities and many many more ...t
I miss my blog so so much =(

Anyways,i got some time now !

6th September 2008
After I Came back from Fairy Park ,I Slept for the whole day at home !
At night ,DD brought me to Pavilion for Movie ...ACtually we wanted to watch "Money not enough 2" but it was Full House, so we watched "BABYLON A.D" instead....
Before the movie start ,we had supper at ChocoLate ....ChocoExpresso Cake ^^

After the Movie ,DD brought me to Bintang Walk and checked out the street ..OK ..I admitted that i've never been there before.....sweat ==' ...
The street is so hapenning ,a lot of nights club there ^^ nice...
I saw a cute club "ALOHA" ...a hawaii style night club ,so cute...But it is just the club exterior design ...Interior and atmosphere? I don't know.
Here is all the Picture :

Aloha Club ,Bintang Walk ,KL
Modesto's NightClub
Thai CLub .........

7th and 8th September :
Nothing special....Rushed my stupid assignments and Golfing ...

8th -10th september :
Get so damn many Assignments again of 5 assignments. Due date? Next week !!!!
A BIG SWEAT on my head =='
This gonna be a busy week .....Guys me !!!!!!!

Will Update my blog very soon ........Promise!! Update before sunday ^^


Akira 思胜 said...

The cake is so nice, feeling wanna have one bite too! Hehe...

Gosh, got so much assignments? Better work hard ya!

kelly said...

PrincessBB now become clubbing queen already?

Svetlena said...

Hello Yin Yin, U seem to be so busy dear..Best of luck on your assignments ^^

Miss U^^ *hug*

Btw the chocolate cake look yummy ^^
share plz :P

Barbie said...

Princess? You're getting more occupied with school, but still, Barbie can sense the happiness you offer to all of us, ur loyal frns, of fun-filled day.

School has just started, so Barbie haven't got any assignments yet, just homeworks Pheww =,= Haven't got it done yet lol... still here on my princess's page.

Must study hard, ok? Lol... It's abit ridiculous to say so, cuz Barbie not hard working at all *blushing*

Barbie xxxxx

Jonathan Nathan said...

Wah, u became a clubbing kaki redi... u can be my tour guide to bukit bintang now oso ;-)

YinYin said...


KELLY la...just i love i like to go there...hehehe..

Lena: hehe..yaya..busying for many things...very tired =='

Barbie : hey princesss^^ thc 4 ur comment ^^ lovely ! Love u ya^^

jonathan nathan : wah...where gt so clubbing queen wor.....i been to club for only 5 times...u can count from my blog ...hahahaha