Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Out at Pavilion again.

I Accompanied jess to the MDG audition last saturday , too bad , she didn't managed to get through, if you want to know why, read this, Poor baby .
This is such a waste ,because she is slim,and pretty ,and she is much more prettier and taller compared to other contestants.

The waiting room .

Look at the pictures that Jess took with some of the contestants , I mean they are pretty too,but baby Jess is prettier , and she looks charming ^^ 
Anyway,at least she gained some experience from the audition .

After this I went to Pavilion alone,
and I just did little bit shopping for CNY .
As usual , went to My favorite Juicy Couture for some CNY clothes, and then shoes .

at Pavilion .
After Pavilion , I went to StarHill for bags , I am looking for a CNY bag from Dior ,Yea ,Kinda like Dior recently ,But the bag I want was out of stock and they wont restock again ..Gosh ! I want the bag .

Does anyone knows how and where can I get this bag ?


Akira 思胜 said...

She looks pretty! Too bad she cannot gone thru...

Bryan See said...

Its a waste thou! Jess, u r awesome anyhow! Treat it as a well-gained experience..

BB, Jess as a telemarketer in AirAsia?

Jerine said...

actually i agree that your friend is much prettier than other girls.

try buying directly from Dior website. if not last resort is ebay.

YinYin said...

akira ; YEA ...too bad...But i know she cn make it!

Bryan : hehe nope...she is a jetstar telemarketer .

jerine : hey ya..but dior online shopping dont ship to malaysia right ? if ebay , i worry it is fake 1/

Angeline said...

yinyin~i and my friend maybe go to singapore,my friend 请我i see my mum and dad lo see there can give me go or not lohh....i think is cannot gua........i need to ask.......>< sad.......i do liao 正班长.......the boy giv me many angry!!!!!then i write down their name......u say??i'm very busy??haiz...........also need to give teacher 骂...........veryveryvery de sad owhh

Carely_Babystar said...

Jess and yinyin so pretty~
yinyin also can try to join it ar~
miss u ya~

pikakitty said...

Hello BB! sending u a message through here cause i can't see chatbox on your page.. i don't know if that is my pc problem or your page really didn't have chatbox right now T.T

how are you? is everything alright?? :)

ohhh i read about Malaysian Dream Girl audition season 2 on their official site..

i agree with everyone....
i thought she can make it.. even i didnt know her ^^

is she giving a wrong answer???


anyway.. have a nice day ^^

ohyeahhh can i have your MSN? do u have yahoo messenger?

ok.. i'm going to stop now :)

take care ya?

muacksss ^^

YinYin said...

baby star: hey baby //how are u there..??
hehe...I am not so into this kind of competition.

pikakitty : hey ya....I removed my Cbox to prevent spam, how are u there ? sure we can chat on mSN ...pls give me ur email..i will add u.

pikakitty said...

i see ^^ i'm good as usual heheheh... it's been a long time since i last commen your post right? :d teachers gave SPM candidate a lot of homework... sometimes it torture me lol T.T nevermind...
my msn is

my old one was infected by virus.. but now will re-use msn back since most of my friends have a MSN .. i feel so outdated cause i didnt have one thehehe..

take care!!!

UncleJosh said...

the girl you took picture with...
is she from the one academy?
err the one with a floral dress or blouse...

Jimmy Chin said...

BB shopping for handbag again... hehe..
go their website order..