Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello ..New Year !

HAppy New Year 2009 !
Gosh, time to say Good Bye to the Very Bad luck 2008!!! WooHoo!

Yesterday night we had a "Not so good" Seaside Party at Port Dickson .
U know what ? This was the first time I visited PD , It was not as fantastic as i thought !
But anyway , we had a happy moment there , although we missed the count down session ,
" thanks" to Fatty Hao's Friend .
We got only 10 persons , but we bought almost rm350++ BBQ foods , It was a lot , we couldn't even finish it..and I thought I left the unfinished vegetables there.
Anyway , It was Fun !

Preparing ...

And Party Time !

Andy .. What are you doing???

CK?????You Drinking or ?????

Ew............Very dirty ....

Drinking and Drinking .

And Guess what ???
My Lil Baobei Join Us too !

He Don't want to take any picture ==' 
Oh Finally , I got it !! Why ??? Because of  Hot Dog !

Looking for what ?

Actually, Before the BBQ Party ,Kah Yong and I was In Pavilion , we wanted to Celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary ! Yes It is ! Our 4th Anniversary is on 31th Dec 2009! And I planned to go on shopping spree too.
Suddenly I received a Call from Jia Hao , That fella asked us to go to Port Dickson for a New Year Eve BBq Party , a so called Very Last Minute plan. Hence, I only managed to buy few things there.

Oh yeah ! U know , I ordered a Special Callaway Pink Glove from Pan WEST Golf House Last week and it had arrived ,Woohoo...I got my Pink Glove !!!

My Pink Glove !Love It !

And This is My 4th anniversary Present from Kah Yong ...A singlet,
Spot the DD and BB ?
So cute !

Happy NEW YEAR 2009 AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Akira 思胜 said...

A nice party ya! Hehe... Must happy always ya!

Happy New Year!!!

Johnny said...

u must be enyoy a lot..
Happy 2008

Angeline said...

wa,your pink glove very nice yaa and your spot DDandBB very nice and cute!^^

oLive said...

feel like a nice party!
happy new year!

ckkher said...

Sory let u n kah yong wait so long at PD tat day haha ><

YinYin said...

HAppY new Year to you all ^^!!!!!!