Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Time !

Few weeks ago (on the 10th Dec 08),  I decided to have a movie at Pyramid alone because I was so bored at home!!
OMG!! It was alone ! I couldn't imagine that I watched movie in the cinema hall alone !
OMG!! This was the first time in my life!!!!
ok..enough for being dramatic =='
I reached Pyramid around 3pm and caught up a movie in my To-Watch -List : WildChild !
I loved the girl ,she is so sweet and bitchy enough ! I liked her style....
After that ,I got my ass off to shopping but didn't find anything nice...
However , I saw a new shop named Kitschen , It was a new boutique in Pyramid ,And I got myself some clothes there ..


Another shopping day ..
Last week again (16th Dec),Before we went to 1U, we went to TransviewGolf because that very picky Lim Kah Yong was searching for golf shoes =='  ...
After that , we got our ass off to 1U for shopping !! XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........
U know what !! I am freaking in love with Ashworth ladies' golf apparel....Oh gosh ! I wanna get more and more polo from Ashworth ..
Anyway ,Kah yong got himself a very nice mock neck shirt !

..That's all for my recent life.

Xmas Present from Baby Jess.. ^^ Thx baby, I like Etude House ..Heart you ! 


Akira 思胜 said...

Hehe, shopping all the way around ya! XD

@ng31a said...

BB!! I love Wild Child too!!! Although that girl is kinda bit*hy but I like her character!! was really I nice movie I should say!!

And, so good le u....your baby Jess love u a lot huh?? She bought you presents!!! Why no one buy me presents one? =(

Anyways, I'm just here to disturb u...u don't mind right? kekeke....

Barbie said...

BB princess! You went to the cinema alone? Not bad, you did enjoy the movie though ^ ^ but I haven't watched Wild Child yet >,< even Polar Express >,< awwwww

Baby Jess's gift for you is sooo sooo cute ^ ^ so pinky, she is ur best girl friend, I can sense that ^ ^ Stay sweet! *hug*

Anyway, miss you so much :( Haven't heard from you in awhile :( How have you been doing, BB?

YinYin said...

akira : hehe XD girls can't live without shopping

angela : hey baby ...hahah..sure i dun mind u r here...and i like u to be here always ^^ miss u.

Princess Barbie : hehehe...when u got time u must watch k! It is really nice ! ^^
Yea..Baby jess is my best girl friend ever!

Darkhoe said...

hey yin yin thx ur present....

Angeline said...

yinyin jie....i feel u 变leng lui liao de?hai long timw no see your picture liao haha!^^

Anonymous said...

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