Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finally i met the very "pro" golfer

Yesterday, I received a annoying call from the Fatty Tan Jia Hao early in the morning and he asked us to golfing with him ==' lolz .
So Kota Permai was the Golf Club we chose .

And U know what , I got some insider news from CK about the very "pro"golfer ,Tan Jia Hao .... 
Please imagine that a very cute fatty holding a Driver (club) and trying to hit the golf ball as hard as he can ...
As he hit the golf ball, the ball flew to the green and followed by the head of the driver right after it!

Yea..This is the very "pro"golfer with the broken Driver. He is very proud of it though .

Ck's poor broken driver ==' 

When i heard this ,I was like "WHAT????????????????????The ...." and non stop laughing !
Why on earth got such stupid people like Tan Jia Hao ???
The very weird pose .

Ck here .

The very smart Jia Hao and CK 

The Mini Putting Green for practice .

Because of the very smart Jia Hao ,CK's Rm1k Driver Gone ...Wohoo..Congratz CK ^^ 

JiaHao , I bet that after this silly case no one will borrow you their Driver ...You better go get one for yourself .

In the end ,Ck found a motivation sentences for all the beginner golfer which goes like this
"when u feel that you are very poor in golfing , please think about the very "pro"golfer ,Tan Jia Hao,think about how "pro"he is  and you will feel better ."

After golf, we went to One U for movie - Bolt. It was very interesting, funny and touching at the same time. I love Disney's Movies!! They are so interesting.
I love DISNEY !!!!!!!!!!

CHristmas is coming to town ,1U shopping mall had their own christmas decoration now ...
Guess what is the theme for christmas decoration ????????????
Gosh !! It is 1 of my beloved Disney Movie - Alice and the wonderland! Woohoo!!!

Oh ..the bad bad red poker army .

Hey ya..Remenber this ?? "Paint the roses in red".lolz..
The Black poker worker paint the roses for the bad fat queen .


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, play golf! I never had the chance to play it yet... Sobx...

ckkher said...

jia hao !!!!!!!!!! curse u ! my driver !

Anonymous said...

you are the disney princess !

Anonymous said...

you are the disney princess !

Barbie said...

Hah hah... You know what? Even I don't know Jia Hao, but with you writing about him this way, I just can't help but laughing ^ ^ and he second commenter is CK hah ha... he was here to curse Jia Hao, poor him hah hah... but this time, no pic of my princess *sad*

Oh count barbie in! I love Disney too! and Alice is also my favorite one. She's cute, isn't it? ^ ^ I think I've watched Alice in Wonderland like 3 times already hahhah...

Miss you as always, and I'm so happy to hear from you again <3 Take care, Princess! *hug*

YinYin said...

Akira : u can try ^^

Ck: yea...curse him....lolz ///

anonymous : weeee!!!!!love disney !

Barbie : hehehe..yea...Jia Hao is a funny person ..
Yea...I love alice....I watched it for so many time until i can't even rmb how many time is it ...^^
BB Love u too ..

jerine said...

i'm so jealous...haven't been golfing for years.... i can't find any golf course over here where i stay :(

Bryan See said...

great day out golfing! =p

Hey, regarding the promotion of my design tshirt, special discount for promoting it o your blog! keke.. =p

RM20 for you.. Hehe.. =)