Sunday, December 7, 2008

My life = EAT and Sleep

Woohoo...Everyone loves eat and sleep !
Yea , I am totally that type of person ...
Every time after my breakfast i will sleep.
when i wake up, i will surf the internet for few hours before having my lunch. After that, i will continue to sleep again .. Then wake up, have dinner and sleep again..
Sometime ,i am absent for my classes because i want to sleep more ...lolz ..
My life =50% for sleep and 40% Eat 10% for others !

That's the reason why i am gaining weight non stop ! lolz !!!!!

But I still love to EAT AND SLEEP !!!!
So i am going to buy a T-shirt which designed with "i love eat and sleep" logo to show off that 

So do u love to eat and sleep ????????
If u do , go and get one for yourself to prove that u love it !!!!
LINK for the T -shirt seller .

Rm22 per T-shirt ..It is really affordable .

Oh ...This is a good idea to make a special T-shirt for yourself ..
Maybe be next time i should design my own T-shirt with : 
I love LV ? Juicy Couture ? Chanel ?
I love Pavilion ?
I love FFK ?
I love Disney ?
I love Donut ?
I love McD?
I hate .... Fatty Hao ??? (lolz..joke joke..jh ,take it easy k? XD)


Bryan See said...

Thanks a lot princess!! Special for BB Yin's blog supporters: RM21 only.. Christmas Discount!! Haha..

Akira 思胜 said...

It is a free advertisment ya! XD

EngHwa said...

Are you really that type of people? Or the advertiser asked you to post so? Eat and sleep can become fatter o... not a good lifestyle la my dear... haha!~

@ng31a said...

Hahahahaha....It suits me too!!! that's why we're all gaining weights.....Hahahaha.....XD

Darkhoe said...

huh...hate me....

Barbie said...

Hah hah.... everyone loves to eat and sleep, princess! Well, if I can't apply this to everyone, let just say "almost" everyone likes that. Barbie is the perfect example for that neh :P

My life right now revolves around going to school, coming back home, eating, sleeping, and doing homeworkssss lol...

In our country, people call it "Butterfly Fairy Land" ^ ^ Free from worries, from sickness, from financial problems, from hatred! It's the wonderland for my sugar plum princesss ^ ^ and for all the fairy tale believers! Oh well... stop dreaming for awhile lol...

Princess? Are you gonna buy the shirt from Bryan? Lol... Barbie want an "I <3 Disney Princesses" T-shirt heh heh... :P

I love princess BB! <3

YinYin said...

Byran : nah is ok ^^ this is what friend for .

Akira : yea ^^

Enghwa : yea..i am totally that type of person...all my friend know it ^^

Angela : hehe..yea^^ u are right !

JIahao : ahahaha..joke la

Barbie : that's why we can became a good friend ! same behavior !!!!! hehehe

Bryan See said...

hehe.. hey, let u noe that no black at the moment! so sorry.. =( huhu.. only whites

Jonathan Nathan said...

Haha! Nice T-Shirt idea... hurmmm... I would put "I hate Microsoft". Can buy that for me ah? :P

Anyway, eating and sleeping around the clock is part of a student's life. Enjoy it while you can, working world is very harsh. ;-)