Friday, December 12, 2008

Yinyin Heart Christmas - The Polar Express

Oh gosh ,Christmas is coming to town ...Christmas is coming to town ...
I am so excited and i can't wait for it to come !!! 
Christmas is the most wonderful day among all the holidays .
For me ,Christmas is HOPE , LOVE , HAPPINESS  and WONDERFUL .
U know ,when I was a kid , I always dream of wonderful incidents to happen on the christmas night .
I always dream that , on the christmas night , a special train or angel will come to my house and bring me to the place where santa lives to celebrate the merry Christmas with him.

On the December of 2004, a movie on Christmas came out ! I love The MOVIE SO MUCH !! I totally fall in love with the movie .
This is my most favorite movie among all christmas series !
It is "POLAR EXPRESS "....

The movie reflects my story and my thinking about christmas ..AND IT IS MY DREAM !!!
So ,everyone ,let's celebrate the coming Christmas !!! MAY you Have a Wonderful Christmas .. ^^ 
Besides, I will add some christmas songs on my blog for the wonderful christmas !
It is the soundtrack from "The Polar Express" ! I love this so much !
1, When christmas comes to town (This is my favorite )

3,Seeing is Believing 
And This is the special soundtrack which i like it so much .But i only found it on imeem ....
So my flashfetish player don't have this soundtrack .

Enjoy ya ! Polar Express rocks !!! I love It ! I love Christmas !

p/s : you can play my polar express playlist on the bottom of my blog .Thx


ckkher said...

hey !im thinking christmas we dun go clubbing =.= we all go hav a very very nice dinner .....then countdown n go enjoy de nice kl view .....kekeke u hav plans wif yong or anyone???if not we all oone gang do dat for christman duwan clubbing looo so sienzz la do dat on christmas like wasted liaoooo.....

@ng31a said...

Yea...Christmas is just around the corner and I am so so so excited~!! hehehe...The polar express was really a nice gives us hope~!!

Barbie said...

Yeah!!! Christmas is coming to town! Christmas is coming to town!!!! Duh! I'm a copy cat hah hah.... :P

Gosh! my princes! I notice you made little changes on your pinky fairy kingdom!!! Oh my god! The songs!!! Barbie seriously seriously love this song! So sweet n it's what I've always feel! * take a chill pill* lol...

I gonna watch this movie for sure! Just the song makes me ahh... can't wait ^ ^

Barbie love my princess! Advance Merry Christmas, princess!!!

Svetlena said...

Hi Sweetie BB! Miss u^^
Sorry I've been out of contact for while, now I'm back, well, hope to get in touch like before, but hmmm, school make me so sick !

Anyway, Christmas is coming! I love the movie as well!! It was so cool!

Lastly! Merry Christmas Princess ^^

Carely_Babystar said...

wat plan on ur christmas?
party o MOS?
i love christmas too~

Jonathan Nathan said...

Hey, Merry Christmas in advance! So whats the plan? Well I'm planning for a quiet Christmas this time around. I wanna spend it at home with family, maybe invite some friends over.

Anyway, enjoy yourself and happy holidays! :)