Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beverly Hills ChiHuaHua

Oh gosh ! it Had been 10 days since I last updated my blog ,
U know..can't blame me , I was in Malacca this week , and i forgot to bring along my camera cable ,that's the reason why i didn't update my blog ...
Anyway, I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Chi wa wa )yesterday with Kah Yong and His Family. Chiwawa is so cute !!! I want a Chiwawa too!!(Long hair ) Love it baby !!!
U know what , there is a chiwawa in the movie. her name is Chloe and She is so cute..I love all her outfits and collars , there are so lovely ...But too bad..My baobei is a male dog ..T.T 

This is cute Chloe with lovely pink outfit !

Chloe 's Cute outfit..

This is Papi , He is so funny !
I found this superb cute Chiwawa on Google......Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And the Trailer of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Enjoy!


Akira 思胜 said...

So kawaii oh! Too bad I dont have enough time to watch ler...

pikakitty said...

omg, chihuahua.. paris's hilton dog is chihuahua too...
T______T so cute.. i want to watch it
lol T____T
they treat her like a princess hahahaha...

anyways Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!!!
;) wink wink

nice9 said...

merry x'mas

Barbie said...

Princess! Barbie wanna watch this movie too! The lil puppy is so so so cute!!! <3

YinYin said...

akira : haha..mayb u can buy a DVD?

Pikakitty : yea..her dog is chihuahua ..but not that nice..i prefer the beverly hills 1...she is cute..haha..merry xmas !

nice( : merry xmas too..^^

Barbie : yea..u have to watch !!!!!!!!!!! lolz ^^ merry xmas ya ..baby !

Carely_Babystar said...

hey dear
my fren pet shop got long hair chihuahua~
jz born out not long~
1-2month only
very cute~if u interest
i got photo let u c~