Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lighting workshop

Gosh!!! I have been dying for my assignments since last week, I have more than 10 assignments which I have to hand in before this friday (29th May). They were freaking difficult to do and it took me a lot of time and effort to do it .....
Site analysis, client profile, concept research , over 20 pieces layout plan and elevation , facade design, logo design, CD's cover, letter head, business card design, glass bottle drawing, more and more and more !!!!  God!! I am going to MAD and insane now.........

Anyway, I don't want to neglect my blog again, so I am here to update a lil bit about my lighting workshop class trip. We had a class trip to Sungai Besi Lighting workshop last week.
I didn't get to follow the BUS to get there coz I was late, luckily I have a kind bf who willing to fetch me to Sungai Besi .

I just got some of the pictures from my senior: 

These are some of the lighting Designs.

This is funny....
Anyway,  the workshop that we visited is the main distributor of Artemide.
They provide all the high end lighting and most of them are fully imported from Italy.

The worker is explaining about the technology of the Artemide lighting.

We paid full attention to it..and I look so funny.

Oh, Nice ..Erm..I mean the Crystal lighting.

Gosh..I forgot the name of this light.

Yeah, we had a free buffet lunch that was provided by the workshop @ their conference hall.

And the Group Picture!!! 


Diaz Howard said...

Hi Thanks for sharing.

I find something interesting as well:

Bridge said...

I am sure glad Artemide Lighting was invented, otherwise we will never enjoy these spectacular views and reflections of light :)

YinYin said...

diaz Howard : the disney clothes original from disney ???

Bridge : hehe...yaya........they have great technology ...

Diaz Howard said...

Sure, you may request the Disney Receipt from them