Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HAPPY BIG TWO ONE, Freaky Shryne

Once upon a time, there is a baby born freakily in this world,
BIMBO, Bad Face, Stupid face was how she looks like at the first place,
Kind, Helpful, Sweet, Good listener was how I described her when I knew her, Deeply.

Well, What's up today??????
19. 01. 1989 was the day that the freaky baby born.....
Wooohoo ~~~Happy 21st Birthday, You old lady ~~~
MUAHAHAHAHA, I have the right to say that as I am younger XD,
Don't kill me, or u will lose a present XD

Shryne Shryne .... Shryne Pang 
(I pronounced her name as SHRRYL)

Happy Birthday to u u u u u..
Happy Birthday to U~~~~
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you ~~~~~~~~~~
I love babe, Muacc, XOXO

~Happy Birthday Babe~
Vic Vicky Victoria


shryne shirly said...

lolz.. thanks babe.. love u too..
hope we have a blast at phuket.. hahah

Victoria Yin Yin said...

It will be a blast!!! for sure!!