Sunday, February 19, 2012

Checked -in NTU Prince House

Finally I have some time to do some updates about Taipei after 4 days of arriving here.Talking about my flight, it's actually the first time I had a long haul flight with AirAsia,
and it's also because of the Premium class of AirasiaX that I decided to give it a try.
I am kinda fussy when it comes to flight. Before this, Airasia will never cross my mind whenever I think about long haul flight, but not anymore, AirAsia Premium is just good.

Well, the Premium seat definitely worth the price, although u will need to pay double the price compared to Airasia normal seats, but you get double the comfy.

The Flat bed seat.


Spacious Leg space.

Bigger meal tray.

My favorite, they have an international plug at every premium seat, so u can bring along your laptop,
plug in the seats and watch you favorite TVB dramas or American drama for the entire flight!

Arrived in Taipei Tao Yuan Airport at 2:50pm (earlier than the estimate arrival time, good job), the NTU volunteers were in the airport to assist us with the pick up service.

U know what, all of them speak English very well, (most of my friends told me Taiwanese couldn't speak good english), well, I don't agree!! They can speak it, FLUENTLY !!!! Awesome!!!

Here we go, let's move to my NTU's prince house dorm (the student suites)
It's called the Prince House NTU's Shui Yuan dorm.

It's 5 minute away from the NTU campus, and it's freaking convenience as it's surrounded by shops, boutiques, restaurant, department stores, convenience store and etc.

Here is it:
It's something similar to serviced apartment where department store, cafe, convenience store are all located in the ground floor... what a convenience dorm.

NTU's student suite.

The department store.

Very convenience huh!

And the NTU's student chill out place, starbucks!
Starbucks are everywhere, I wonder where is CoffeeBean?? ><'
Sorry I am not a fans of Starbucks, too milky.

The other side of the suites.


HAHA, bikes are everywhere, you will need it in the campus.
The campus is god darn big! Will show you guys about the 
NTU campus next post.

Well, I am staying at the block A, the female student's suite.
There's Private Single Suites, Twin Share suite or Triple Room.
Yeah, I am taking the Private Single Suite.
it cost around Rm900-1000 per month. 

After a night in the suite, I realized that there's a lot of daily amenities and products i need to buy, 
this is just a small portion of it, I haven't completed the list yet, will still need to buy more, aw!

Well, this is the electricity meter in the room, you will have to buy an electricity card,
reload some money and it will deducts the amount automatically when you use it.
A prepaid electricity card, as simple as that.

what a cute kitchen sponge, it makes me wanna wash the plate even more, XD 
but too bad, I only have 1 cup in the room...HAHAH XD

Organizing the drawer.

it took me few days to tidy up the rooms,
and it's only 80% done, 
what is 20% left? ... heheh.. My clothes.... I will just leave it there until I have the mood to tidy it up.

Alright that's it for today,
Will update about the campus by this week I guess?? XD hahahha

~Cold, and it's raining again~~~~
-Vic Vicky Victoria-

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