Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taiwan, I am coming.

Well, my blog is back! It has been so dead, and I almost forgot about " blogspot". LOL
I decided to re-activate my blog for a reason, I hope that my friends and family will be updated on my life in Taiwan through this blog.

HAHAHAH, yeah, friends, just to update u guys, in case u don't know, yeah, I am leaving for Taiwan to further my studies,
well, this is the 'TOP' question that I'm asked all the times when I told them I will be studying in Taiwan.

Just let me explain,
Why Taiwan and Not Europe ??
Oh man!! I know Europe looks fun, erm, in fact it is when you go there for vacation, especially shopping XD, but then.......................
Life in europe is just too laid back, one of the thing I hate is - THE SHOPPING MALL CLOSE AT freaking 6pm !!!!! Darn!! 6pm?????? like there's only a few people walking on the road after 6? it's like a death city to me, I LOVE "City that NEVER Sleep" (ASIA).
Plus I kinda have had the long stay experience in europe because of my family, it's awesome to go there for a short vacation or retreat, but for a long stay? definitely not my first choice.

Well, back to the point, ok, u know I love ASIA, but still, why Taiwan? not Japan ? (since there's tokyo disneyland) Erm........hmmmm I don't know, it just never crossed my mind when I think of studying abroad, maybe it's because of their Shopping Mall close at 8pm too?? Perhaps ?? XD hahahahha

Ok OK, I always got carried away, well Taiwan!!!
Yeah, its because I got influenced by their TV Programs and Dramas, don't you think that their universities look and sound fun??!!!! Like lots of student clubs and societies / events, functions?!! It's so happening there in Taiwan University !!
Whoever studying in Malaysia Uni or College, U know how boring our college/Uni are...
Opps, forgot to talk about the University that I am gonna study in Taiwan, I bet most of you will know this Famous Uni in Taiwan which is called NTU(National Taiwan University, 台大。This Uni is just awesome, why? you go and do the research if you really want to know ( hahahha it's 1:47am now, feeling so sleepy la)

And what programs and course that I'm taking in NTU ?
The programs that I joined was something similar to Student Exchange Program, it's the "Visiting Student Program" which you can study in NTU for up to a year , and choose any courses in NTU across your department even though your home university isn't the partner uni of NTU. It's designed for the non NTU partner uni foreign student who wants to experience the uni life in NTU.

What's the different between Exchange Student Program and Visiting Student Program?

Well, Exchange Student program are mostly FOC as it's all sponsor by the Partner Uni? I guess?

Visiting Student Program is a fee-paying program for the students of non-partner university.
So yeah, u pay from a-z.......

About my course ?
I guess it's just called foreign languages literature ?? er...hmm , aiya, something like that, screw it, that's not the main point.....I just want to experience the Uni life there, so I will keep u guys update about NTU, whether it really looks like the Uni Life in the Drama/TV programs, or it's just another fairy tale. LOL

I am flying off tomorrow morning with over weight baggage, can't imagine how much they will charge me for the excess baggage fees.......Aw.......

bringing some of my babies along, compress compress!!

                                  Putting some of my favorite Mini babies into a box to save the space.

And it's over weight!!!

Before I end the post, I would like to say thank you to my beloved Baby Jess and sweet darling for the surprise farewell hang out..
I love u guys!!!!!! Thx for everything. I felt so blessed to have u two in my life.. Love u.
My baby.

My babyJess and I. Loving the hang out!

My sweet darling... I know I looked stupid in the pic,
you can just ignore me and look at my sweet darling.

@ Neway CEO 

My darling singing, she should join the competition la~~..

~ XOXO, my baby and friends, I will miss u guys~
-Vic Vicky Victoria-


Carely_Babystar said...

really overweight...so scary c the luggage like wan boom le...haha..
anyways its a good try at Taiwan.
U mz enjoy it well...^^
Take good care..
when u bek,its time we meet up again...
love u.

Victoria Yin Yin said...

hahahhaha !!!! yeah LO!!!!!! damn, now i worry about my return baggage, LOL it will be 100KG? shit!!!!!