Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris @ Bella Vita, Taipei

Well well well, just like the famous phrase " People changes " !
As the title, this is all about sweet dessert in Taipei!
I wasn't a Dessert person when I was in Malaysia, I even hated it, cakes,cream, puff, ice-cream, any sweet stuffs were definitely not my choice!

But people do change, I'm in love with sweet stuffs in Taipei. My appetite totally changed.
I can't stop thinking of the sweet dessert everyday here, there are too many cafes, bakeries, high end dessert cafes etc around and it tastes freaking nice ! HAHAHAHA !!!

Went to the very famous Patisseries Sadaharaku AOKI Paris boutique cafe in Bella Vita last night with my dessert lover friends!
This is kind of like a high end dessert cafe which serves cakes, dessert, chocolate, puff, macaroon which are imported from France.

There are 2 AOKI cafe in Taipei, the main boutique salon is in Regent Hotel, and the other one is in Bella Vita, the luxury shopping mall around Taipei 101 area. ( 信义区)

It's out of blue moon that we went to that cafe as we were in Qsquare and having Malaysian cuisine for dinner and planned to go IKEA after that. But due to the long travelling distance, we changed our mind and went to Taipei 101 instead of IKEA. 

TADAA! 101 AGAIN! But wait, can u spot something ?

Yeah, it's DIOR on 101!! HAHAH! celebration of Dior grand opening !

Since we were in the area, I came out with the idea of having AOKI dessert as dessert of the night XD I wanted to try it for so long and here's the chance. 
* I am a dessert lover now and yeah, FAT will come along too :( 

Bella Vita

Here is it, Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris.
This is smaller compare to the main boutique in Regent Hotel.

Here's the dessert of the night!

NTD 750 + (Rm82.50 included tax)  for this plate if I didn't remember wrongly.

Macarons 90NTD per pieces without tax

Cakes range from 190NTD - 250 NTD per piece

The cakes are not bad but there's room for improvement.
Macaroons are awesome! Love it !
I guess I will go back for it again! I will give 7.5 / 10
*gonna try out the main boutique salon in Formosa Regent  / Regent Hotel next time.

Address :
Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris @ Bella Vita
No28, Song Ren Road, XinYi, Taipei 11073 Bella Vita B2F

Patisserie Sadaharaku AOKI Paris boutique salon @ Formosa Regent
No 41, Chung Shan North Road, Section 2, Taipei 10450, Formosa Regent 1F/B2F

-Vic Vicky Victoria-

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