Friday, June 11, 2010

Chai Fong's and Terry's BIG TWO ONE!!


Chai Fong, one of my bestie, and Terry, my baby's bf,
Both of their birthday parties were held on the same day,
which I thought was a great one as we could attend 2 parties in a row!!!!

C.fong's one was held at  NEWAY, in the afternoon!!
Left: My beloved ChaiFong, Right: the organizer, wen hui.


After the party, Kah Yong and I purposely went to Pyramid to collect the presents for terry,
We rushed our ass off as the party was next, and we were running out of time! XD
But we believe it worth it !!!!!

Terry's 21st  Dnner/Party @ Tenji !

The important one!! The MC, The organizer, the photographer, the receptionist, 
and the love one.
My babyJ planned all of this for Terry!!!

Spotted! EAT EAT EAT!!

WaSaBi Sushi!
Punishment for the one who didn't follow the Dresscode,which is Purple/White.
There's always some people disobeying the rules!!

Lucky Draw session!!

ChaiFOng got iT!!!!! well...
do u think, she was just lucky ?????


NAH!!! it was the surprise for both of them!!! XD

JiMui gang!! XD

I looked so sleepy at that time, yeah, I was sleepy....XD

Shek Yee and Mun Mun, they looked so drunk XD

I think, he is the best dress of the night!

The AEC gang!!!


The late one! 

How could we miss this!!! THE couple of the night!!!!


OMG!!! look at the TALL one!!!
and the .............. one!!!

C.fong: eh eh eh!!! 

Yeah, Make a wish and let them fly to the sky!

OH, SWEET! My babyJ and I.
The Hug of Love....
Before she leave.......
sounds like she is going somewhere far away...hahah...


The end of the party !!!?

NO NO NO!!!!!!
The best always comes at last!!!
We had another after PARTY for CHAIFONG!!!
Well, she was finally 21, officially adult!! 
As she've never been to any night club in her life,
   GREAT friends like us brought her to OPERA to have fun !!!
Well, it was sunday night.... it's also my first time went to a club on sunday. XD


Well, I looked sleepy on that day all the time.

Chrysanthemum  Tea?????

SHEK YEE, another GOOD girl GONE BAD!

AR!!! I am too GEMINI, so u can't see me !! XD (inside joke)

DRUNK all the way out?!!

THE bad gang which made the Good Girl GONE bAD!!

Guess, I will end this post with this awesome picture!!!
BIG TWO ONE!!!!!!!

~Happy birthday to Chaifong and Terry~
~I feel so young as I am not 20 yet, hahahaha~ 
Vic Vicky Victoria