Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I can't live without water, I can't live without E-Spring!!

(THIS IS NOT An Advert!! It's simply my Personal Sharing)

CLEAN WATER CLEAN WATER CLEAN WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always shout out loud when I see the dirty water that comes from the pipe of ky's place.
Yeah!! I need a clean water!!!!!!
I have been staying in Ky's subang apartment for years, 
everything was okay EXCEPT THE FREAKING water!!!!!

Anyone staying in subang should know that the water supplies in subang is freaking dirty....
You can try to fill up a glass of the tape water, then wait for awhile, and it will turn out yellowish  ~~~ EW EW EW !!!!!!!
He had a very basic water filter which bought from don't know JUSCO or TESCO ..
But it doesn't help much!! 
Yeah, I might use it for washing!! BUT NOT DRINKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
WATER is a essential for our body !!! 
Without CLEAN water we might get kidney problem / health problem.

We always crave for a good water treatment system, 
We tried Di*mond and N*sh, yeah, the very popular one, it's clean indeed, but u have to drink right after u get it..
U couldn't store the water for many days, 
U know, A VERY LAZY FREAK like me love to fill up all of my bottle, and put it on the fridge/ kitchen so that I can drink it whenever I want...

The reason why I wanted to fill them up with bottles???
Yeah, as u know, the water that come out from a water treatment systems are slow/little,
u have to wait maybe a minute or 2 minute to fill up your bottle.....
So I need to fill it all up with tons of my tupperware bottle XD , so I can drink it whenever I want.
However,  I would need to boil them to kill the bacteria in the water before I store them..
(bacteria will show up whenever there's oxygen and water)

A lazy freak like me have tried to get the water filled up with bottle without boiling it, 
but I got diarrhea after  I drank the water which was not boiled and being stored for a few days!!!!!!! T_T



SO CUTE RIGHT!!!!! Does it look like the EVA in WALL-E?????

Well!! WHY I CHOSE this AMONG ALL???
Let me explain XD 

 eSpring Water Purifier is the world’s best source of water.

First: Someone from the water treatment marketing survey said that 
E-Spring is the Current BEst among all..
Other systems treat drinking water, eSpring purifies it.

Second: THERE's A Build in UV light in it!!! WHICH they kill the Bacteria automatically,
and I don't have to boil it before I drink anymore!!
PLUS!! I can store as mush as water as I can XD
THE MAIN REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third : they can show that, how much and what type of microorganism / Polluted sources they can filter, they can list it all out clearly!!
There's 99 type of microorganism / Polluted that they confirmed can filter!!
This is the first ever water treatment system that list out every single detail of how much they can do...
I never seen a water filter can do something like this...
The other one will only prove u that, the water is cleaner when you go through their filter!
But not what type and how much they can filter.

Forth: It runs by Monitor Technology, it will show u on the screen when something happen on your filter, and it will show you accurately when you need to replace the new filter.

Unlike the other, they just simply estimate your period, and come and service / replace the the filter,
it's no accurate, plus they don't even know how much you use it...
1 more, it might cost u a bomb! High Maintenance EH!

SO, I NEED A accurate monitor to tell me accurately when I need to replace or what happen ^^
It's so convenient..

A question was being ask all the time.
UV light?? then it might cost a bomb for the electric..
It will only cost you 5 bucks per year,
which is only Rm0.50 per month !!
Does this count as a bomb? you decide XD

HAHAHAHA, There's still a lot of reason why I need a E-spring, but I would just point out the 4 main reason....If you wanna know more,


E-spring, the new member in the house XD 

E-spring glow in the dark???? hahahah

If You are a member, you get discount, which is RM3200...
Plus, a Good News, THERE's a Promotion in this month....
If u trade in any of your current water system u get Rm400 discount...
I traded in My N*sh!!!
+ there's another Rm200 additional discount for member, 
So I get it at RM2600!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! 

If you don't want to pay by cash, 
you can make it as 18 month installment,
It is only RM140 per month!!!!!! 
It totally worth it !!!!!!!!!!!! 

~Water is essential to live~
Vic Vicky Victoria

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