Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vincent, Wish u all the best.

Aw, didn't mean to leave my blog to death, it's the freaking internet connection,
it was down for almost a week...Darn it!!
And yeah, it's part of my laziness too...... hehehehehe
Well, Gonna update one by one slowly, so many events, activities.

Gonna blog about Vincent's birthday first as I got the pictures already....
Was invited by vincent to Michelangelo for his birthday celebration..
He's finally 20, time to grow up!! HEHEHEHE XD

WIth the Birthday Boy.

the ladies~

Whenever there's food, there's Choo K Kher.

Cheeerssssssss for the birthday boy~~~~~

After party @ MOS. Well, it's been so long since I last partied at MOS.
Sounds and musics still the best, but the crowd was ~~ EWWWW.
I am not racist, I am not, It's just the ..... behavior of em...

Let's get the party started !!!!

 LOL!!! Knock his head by the stairs !! HAHAHA!! Stupid one!!

 LOL!! The most "yong shui" ever!

I swear, 3 following photos below was a candid..But they created some story in it instead!!
==' AW...

 EW>..look at the DRUNK GAY SHIT!!!

 The never miss out action "chivas tarik".
It was a drunk night overall..HAHAHA!

So, HAppy 20th Birthday Vincent!!!!!!

~Vic Vicky Victoria~

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