Monday, December 24, 2007

10 of my Favorite !!!!

(23th DEcember 2007 ,night time)

It is almost 1 week i didn't update my blog ,and now ,i wanna blog about my Favorite Things !! It included my hobby ,car ,shopping centre ,food etc ...

1 , My Favorite Shopping centre !!!

* ceneleisure (i like to watch movie at here )

2,My Favorite Brand :
*Louis Vuitton
*Juicy Couture

The Crazy Louis Vuitton Car .........................

The Charm Fron JUicy Couture ......very nice.......This is The brand I like the most !!!!
The First JUICY COUTURE at Malaysia @ Pavilion

I Like the Bag and clothes from Guess ......

I like this pefume .....hahahahhahha.....but i sensitive to the aroma ....
I like the Jewel from BVLGARI
B = BB , I like this Picture from BVLGARI ........Love it !!!

Quite like Gucci .......haha....................

3,My Dream Car:
* Volkswagen New bettle Cabriolet

-But Malaysia don't have this type ,if wanna buy this ,have to import ,The car cost RM270K ,Havent included Tax......Gosh it will be RM300K ........who wanna buy this for me???

*BMW cabrio 1 ,OMG!! This 1 damn nice ..i like it ...........

4,My Favorite Restaurant :
* Japanese Restaurant
* Mcdonalds
*Chinese restaurant

5,My Favorite Colour :
* PINK ,I love Pink very much !!!!!
* Red
*Black or white

6,My Favorite Hobby :
* Manicure
(when i felt boring ,i will go for mani ,pedi or spa ...haha..especially SPA and relax)

7,The country that i like to travel to:
*Hong Kong

8,The Date that i like :
*Christmas Eve 24th dec (can receieve present)
*New Year Eve 31th dec (BB and DD's aniversary )
* My Birthday (Present Present)
* CHinese New year (ANg Pau Ang Pau)

9,The things that i like to buy :

10,What I like to Collect :
*Paper Bag
*Cute Box
* BArbie (before i got a lot of Barbie,but i throw all my barbie when i watched the "CHILd Play")

This is some of my paper bag .......
Ok ...This is just a portion of My paper Bag collection ......I still got A LOT of Paper Bag was stored in My Store Room!!!!!wakakakakkakakkakakakkakaka(i am show offing ,so bad ,hahaha..but i always let my cousin said..i collect so useless things !!! hahahaha)

Some Of My socks Collection ........I got almost 200++ pair of socks ...Not for wear ,just for collection !!!!! wakakkakakkakakakkakakakakkaka!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe u all wonder that i am weird!! But i like ! (mostly my grandma bought for me de..i will appreciate it ......)

These are the 10 of my Favorite !!!!!!!!So about my Christmas present ..I think u all know about it !!hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahha!!!!!!

and the ONE and ONLY I hate + look down upon : COPY CAT
see for urself the content of the post and the way of writing/pictures etc etc etc compared to mine.. damn freaking pissed off.. check IT out...
link : COPY CAT


ailipor said...

u collect socks n paper bag not stupid its like a hobby ma..not bad lorhh...good la at least u got a hobby...i don even have one..

YinYin said...

aiyo..dun lik that la..u wil get ur hobby in 1 day de..try to collect somethings u lik ela..mayb 1 day u will like it de..real de..gambade oo