Wednesday, August 8, 2007

HEy,This is my 1st blog ^^

Having a special feeling now,because it is my 1st time to create my 1st blog post .
So I Gonna introduce myself,I am yinyin,17 , An Ordinary Girl who loves shopping !
In Love with a lot brands! ^^
Loves to hang out with my Baby Jess ,

About today , it is a normal day,i ponteng sekolah,because i got caught by the stupid discipline teacher ,she said i dye my hair ,actually i am not ,that is my natural hair coloue ,but she still wanted me to dye black my hair , if not
i cant step in my school,so today i dint go=(
And er,, tomorrow is my friend ,Shermaine birthday ,so went to Pyramid MCKY and buy a present for her ,hope that she like it ,because i heard that she like mickey !
The promoter advise me to buy their accessories her,because it is suit to be a birthday present,then i bought It ^^

Anyways ,Thats all for today ^^


Anonymous said...

Haha i am ur 1st ppl to leave a comment to you very surprise isizt...wah u do blog but got a bit boring ntg to see wan i i believe u can do more best wan...
From:ur best frenz darkhoe

YinYin said...

wakakakkaakkaka.....not surprise at all..just started the blog ma, only got 1 boring looo...

-Qing- said...

u will stress meh noty gal..
din study wan..
so..dye bac ur hair d mou??
i reali canot c the word le

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