Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weakness of friendship!!!!!!!!!Jealous,misunderstand!!And Trust!!

Few days ago,I Know somethings very unbelieveable ......My Best friend was betray me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was very sad and angry when i know this!!!!!!!She talk alot of my bad things behind me,but infront of me,she still can be very kind to me (good in acting ) ,and treat me like very good!!!!!
she is too sensitive !!!!!But she is wrong!!! (我真的是从来没有想过你会这样讲我!你男朋友是很好人,但我并不时像你无聊的想象中的贪心!我从来也没有觉得你的男朋友很厉害!也许你觉得你男朋可以满足你,他可以给你你要的东西,所以你一直提心吊胆,怕人家抢走他!可是你尽然说我要勾引你男友,发桥!拜托,我才第一次跟他见面也,也没有说过话!你会不回多疑了一点!)I never aim her bf b4,coz her bf is not my type!!!" !

She thought she got a very good bf,thought her bf is rich(Actually it is not)!!!Thought everyone will love his bf!!!!!!!!!!!" i NEVER AND EVER WILL AIM UR BF!!!!Don't think u are so fantastic ,Please look at the mirror before u said something .!!
Oh ya..U are the 1 that said wanna end up our Relationship ,So u dun have the qualification to remind me!!! U know what ,No matter how i angry about u,i will not and never criticize your weakness and let it became a joke!!!!But u...U betray me! U made me deeply disappointed in you! !!!!And until now u still blaming others who break our friendship!!!!Why don't u think about it again?? who did this ???!!!IS that you? cheap whore ...

And I admit that i got talk about your bad thing,is it about ur greedy!!! I really very confuse about your personality now...!!I felt so sad .becoz we were very best friend during form 3 ...but now....everythings suck!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aiya dun wan be sad she onli think me do all the bad thing and say me destroy u all friendship when i heard it i so angry i ask her iszit i destroy but she dun wan answer and her bf telefon me iszit got do anot then i answer no but her bf say hope i dun hav do it when i heard this hope i dun hav do it i so angry why wan hope i reli dun hav do why must wan hope..haiz but pass ady let it pass..dun wan think back...u also dun wan be so sad...oklah i write until herelah remember dun wan think back adylah..hope u got a good life and ur blog very nice...

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