Monday, April 6, 2009


Hmm, Nothing good but bad happened recently, I lost Rm1K ++ last week, Sighh....Oh, Detachment, Detachment!!
Anyway, This time I gonna Blog about some random picture ^^ 
These are some of the pictures we took at MOS @ Euphoria during Hedkandi event:

BByin,Yin Yin or Me and Shryne @ HedKandi MOS

Me,Shryne,BabyJess (another clubbing day at MOS)
KahYong , Shryne , BabyJess and Kenny 

Besides, I have some random pictures that were taken after clubbing .
It was after we came back from the Quattro Grand Opening Party and after removing everything like make up, nice dress bla bla bla...

Camewhoring by my Sweet and Pinky  BabyMAC.
Baby Jess and I
 peace or their so called lala pose..LOL XD.....

Oh ...Ugly ...And the Yummy Pringles 

The strawberry Shortcake Body Mist 
Sexy Pretty Baby Jess ^^ 

Or Something Hilarious ??
LOL...That's me
LoL...Baby Jess

XD .....Ew......

Jess's signature pose....XD 

Oh ??? 

And Some Chill Out Session @ McD, I'm Lovin it ! Yeah !


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, the way you edited the photos is so cute lar! XD

Teddy said...

Pink to Blue!!

hahaha.. wat happen wor?! y lost RM1K???

自我风格的老人 said...

yoyo~ bring me MOS also mah~
^^ dont forget me lah~ haha

YinYin said...

akira : edit is the effect ...

Teddy : yea//////Dark Blue is my another favorite i lost 1 k ???haiz...Now it is nearly Rm2k ..

Lawrence : Hahaha...This 1 is old pictures la...if we go MOS sure will call u 1...dun worry...haha

Carely_Babystar said...

why will lost 2k dear?
dear i got my own puppy poodle recently~will update her photo soon~

ckkher said...

dun tel me u were playing some online game .... n u lost 2k in that game as in not real money rm 2k harrr.... XD

YinYin said...

No real money le..kinda sad ar !!!!!!!

Teddy said...


how come u lose more n more money?

r u playing shares in stockmarket?