Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yeah, I know, it's my bad for not updating my blog for so long..It is like few years had gone by...
Anyway, Nothing special happened recently, so I would just blog about my recent life.
College started Last week and we started getting busy of our assignments again =='.

30th March, Monday,
Went to StarHill with Mr.Someone/Anonymous for Dinner@Shook. It was good but I was not feeling well on that night. Therefore I went back home right after dinner and couldn't join them for party.

Tiramisu @ Shook.

Tuesday 31th March, 
I was looking for a very rare book, so Kah Yong and I went to Kinokuniya Bookstore @KLCC looking for the book and unfortunately the book was sold out. They needed to reorder if I wanted the book =(  but it would take 2 months to order the book !!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait!!!! 
These are some pictures that I took on that day, It was at KLCC ^^ 

Wednesday ,
I Just bought a New High end Condominium at Sunway South Quay....Look at the show room: 

Master Bedroom and bathroom

Bedroom 2 and 3

Mini South Quay WaterFront Villa

Nah!!!It was a class trip actually, We went there for some furniture and furnishing materials.
Happy April Fool XD 


Akira 思胜 said...


ckkher said...

OHHH MY ! u got me believing you when u said u bought a new condo !ahahaha ! epic april fool prank

lilzYumiko said...

i visited your blog few times b4 but nvr leave comment.
but i have to reply this time
coz i really tricked by the april fool lols XD
anyway, nice blog :P

Jialin said...

OMG!! Tiramisu!
Is it good at shook?

You looked really pretty in the pictures.

Stay pretty, love.

Mwah mwah.

Have a good day.

Wink, It've been a long time since I post a comment here..heh..

Hope you don't mind.


YinYin said...

akira ; HMM....not bad la..

CK : LOL...really ??? that's good......XD

lilyumiko : thx 4 ur visit n comment ya ^^ keep in touch k ...

Jialin: hi babe..It's been so long huh.....and of course i wouldn't mind u drop a comment here...welcome!!! ^^

Angeline said...

wah!so beautiful ~next time bring mw go there~but the room~

Michelle @ MCH said...
Yin, I have new blog.

hEnRy said...

wow...nice april fool tricks...
almost trusted what you have said...^^

YinYin said...

angeline: it was a class trip la..not my condo ..haha

Mch : ok ..will relink u soon

Henry : negk ngek..XD

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like the condo. Especially the bathroom got very nice window. Yummy yummy!