Saturday, April 18, 2009


I, like a Bad Girl, was absent for the class today. And the reason???? Because I couldn't finish my freaking assignment due to the out-of-ink printer ==' 
So Kah Yong and I went to Pavilion again as I wanna shopping !!!! Yeah ...
But u know what, I only bought a belt and a birthday present for my friend. 
I was really out of mood when I was at Pavilion. I didn't know if you guys had this kind of feeling? It's like you wouldn't see anything nice even though they were nice.

The only belt I bought, Boring =='

Dior White Lotion as the birthday present. Best wishes from All of us ^^ 

Anyway, I went to college around 5pm as we got nothing to do at Pavilion (due to my emo-ness ). And guess what, I borrowed some books from the Library, they were all about Walt Disney ! OMG, Awesome awesome !!!!!! 

Yeah, Disney Rocks !!

Yes ! Cars , I love this Movie !!! MUACC MUACC MUACC!!!

Designing Disney's Theme Park ! I love this !

My sweet Ratatouille..^^


Akira 思胜 said...

So you love Disney a lots ya!

自我风格的老人 said...

i like the castle for like mickey's body~ nice~
but dun like the car movie=.=


Michelle @ MCH said...

Yin, I have changes my blog website.

YinYin said...

Akira : absolutely !

Lawrence : ha!!!! I love cars movie..cute..

Mch : k...will relink u soon

Barbie said...

hah ahh you know, you put a smile on my face princess when you said, " I went to the library today, and borrowed the books about Disney! ^ ^ Sounds so cute! ^ ^ *muah*

Miss yin yin so much, but haven't heard from you in awhile. So barbie came n check up on you! <3

Svetlena said...

Hello Lil'Cutie Yin Yin :) How have u been ? I can see from ur posts, u have a nice time :)

Miss u ^^ Take care ^^

Anonymous said...

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