Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 Days Redang Island Trip

BB will go to Redang island for Vacation ....So maybe will offline for few days...
Stay tune for my update ya^^


Teddy said...

OMG!! This year is Tahun Melawat Redang izit?! everybody go redang wan?!

sienz.. but i din go!! hahha..

BB, have fun!!!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow.Vacation again!
Enjoy and hv more fun orrh!
Remember post Redang pics!

Barbie said...

Yahuuuu!!!! Have fun on ur trip to Redang sweetie! Can't wait to see my cutie Yin Yin's pics! *hug*

Barbie missing you!

YinYin said...

Teddy it??? i dunno le...coz my family just came back from germany ,and they wanna go redang i just accompany them to go....hahah^^

Jeromeo :Thx 4 ur wish ya..i will update my picture soon ^^ but not so many ..coz no time to take le=(

Barbie : hello...My princess.....I hope to rake more pic at redang...but is kinda hard/..coz no time to take...all the time is play play play and play...hahahahahha...
BB miss u too^^