Saturday, July 26, 2008

ETUDE HOUSE - Beauty Product

Today, I went to Sunway Pyramid with Kah Yong and I found a very lovely new Shop at Pyramid Old wing,1st floor (opposite IP Zone) ....It is ETUDE HOUSE, a Brand new beauty shop from Korea and it is the 1st flagship store in Malaysia ^^ I almost fall in love with their interior design ...the whole shop is covered with Lovely Sweet Pink colour with a cute Princess Style ...Besides, the packaging of their cosmetic product is simply Lovely ......Everything is in PINK ^^ ..I LOVE PINK....
Other than Shiseido and Anna Sui, this is the 3rd cosmetic i like ...Sweet....

I bought some skin care product from them .....hmm..the packaging of the skin care product is not so special...But their cosmetic is just Lovely ^^

This is the skin care product i bought from Etude House today ^^

Some of their Product :
BB cream ^^ The Magic Make Up Base ...BB Cream ...Cute ^^
This is their General Website :


Barbie said...

We love PINK! We love PINK! We will always Love PINK! PINK is the color of life, the color of love! And that is what makes PINK the best! ^ ^

Carely_Babystar said...

dear.tatday i oso got visit leh~
i oso buy a bb cream from there..
which u post the photo in ur blog de~
hehe~i go friday~keke~
i love their design.and product packaging..
so nice!
dear u go post office take the gift od?

YinYin said...

Barbie : hehehehehhe..we are PINK princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby star : hello ^^ baby...hehe..their product really very cute right ?lovely..hehehe...
i took that present ady ^^ Lovely..I love it ^^ thx my baby !

Carely_Babystar said...

ya very cute
u're welcome!
hope can sent u the sailormoon dvd
on next month~