Friday, July 4, 2008

BB's Birthday Coming soon ^^

Yesterday Night , I went to Gardens with Kah Yong because GUESS has a special 10% discount for GUESS VIP member on that night (3rd July)...
I didn't find anything that I like except a pink spaghetti from GUESS^^Cute ,like it.... i get my earliest birthday present from the so called Handsome JIA HAO ^^ ....
Just Went to Asia cafe and yum cha with them........
7 of us was fooling around there ,so funny .....
I felt so surprise that Jia Hao gave me a Disney MP3 as my birthday present ^^
GOSH!! It is DISNEY MP3....Disney ^^ Love it ..and it is my beloved Pink colour too...
Here is it ^^
The Disney MP3 Player ^^

And this is Mine...Pink Disney MP3 Player ...

Disney MP3 Player cute right ...Lovely ^^

BB's Birthday Coming soon ..It is on 14th July 2008...
Hahaha...Present!!! Present !!!!

Hmm..Got no idea for my Present??..haha..I have a Present list here.....My friend...u know what u should do right ???Hahaha

Here is it :

-My Favorite Brand ,JUICY COUTURE gift card worth Rm250 ..

-Juicy Couture Stuffs (Bracelet ,necklace,earring ,box etc)
Juicy Bracelet

Juicy Couture bracelet
Juicy couture necklace
Necklace ^^
This is my Beloved necklace among all the Juicy Collection ..But sold out .

Juicy Couture earring ^^ nice nice ..

Juicy Couture Jewelly Box
Juicy Lollipop ^^

-Teddy Bear

-Vera Wang Princess Perfume

-Vera Wang Flower Princess Perfume
-Normal Appearances or appearances from GUESS ^^

-Mizuno Golf Club

-Gucci Small Joy Boston Bag (Pink colour )

-LV Eva Clutch

-BVLGARI Signature charm

-BVLGARI Perfume

-Chanel Classic Bag (Dreaming ==' Impossible ,Kinda Exp Rm7 K -RM 10K )

Or ANG PAU?????

HAHAHAHAHA..Anyways!!! ALL of this Just Joking la,those things is kinda least for me la..hahaha....^^ take it easy.......
Even u all send me a wish or a birthday card ,i will also appreciate it ^^ ..
Because ..all is come from the HEART ..Right???


Barbie said...

OH MY GOD! Princess Princess! Could u give me a slap! ~ ~ U share the same birthday with my mom!!!! My mom's b-day is on the 14th of July either!!! What a coincidence! It would be great if we have the same birthdays! ^ ^

Princess! Barbie love you Disney MP3 player so much! Look! So cute! Oh my! And it is PINK!!!!

Barbie love Princess Perfume as well, the design looks so cute like a royal perfume indeed! Right now, Barbie using Eternity perfume ~ ~ Blurgh! =( It is nice, but not quite nice!

hEnRy said...

hihi Princess BB
haha...ur present kinda expansive
hardly to afford ^^

YinYin said...

Barbie: ^^ it??it is really awesome....or we can celebrate together huh^^ hehe..aiyo..barbie..Eternity perfume also very nice ar^^ as long as the smell is nice then is enough ...and i like the pink MP3 player is nice and cute....hehehe

Henry : huh??is it??actually i just kidding la....even u all just sent me a simple birthday card i also happy ady ^^

Kelly said...

wa! LV and Gucci somemore So expensive ,
i got no money to buy
for princessBB =(
Happy Birthday ya

Vincent Cho said...

i think i should think on my wife's birthday present 1st. it's on 10 July~!! hahahaha~!! happy birthday to you in advance ya. Thanks for your support too. Stay in touch ya ^^

BeverLy's Secret said...

hahaha~~ You are so brand conscious!! Juicy Couture is quite affordable in US and often have sales during x'mas holidays! I was a Guess and Juicy freak before, but now no longer. HOwever, i still love Guess cutting and Juicy sweet goodies.

P/s: I bought the Juicy lollipop. It's an under garment though. But the quality wasn't good. Take a look at

BeverLy's Secret said...

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Princess BB, I like the Juicy Couture Bracelet, and Juicy Couture Necklace. That necklace is actually a locket... so nice!

Hope somebody will give you those on your birthday =)

Happy Birthday!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wah! So many presents! =)
BBYin* HappyBirthday in advance!

strawberry said...

hey hey... hapi birthday in advance! the disney MP3 is soooo CUTE!!! dun think its sold in singapore though :( i hav the bvlgari perfume.. it smells nice.. hope ur wishes come true & all the best! :)

YinYin said...

Kelly : hello^^ kelly i appreciate ur heart long as u got the heart i am very happy ady..and those present just kidding la..^^ hehehe..oh ya...u have a blog???

Vincent choo: hello^^ is???then help me wish ur wife oo^^ hehehe..keep in touch

beverly secret : hehe^^ yaya..juciy and Guess also comr from USA..there might be envy u neh..can always buy juicy stuff..haha..i like ur pink room^^

bridge : yaya..the necklace and bracelet also very nice^^ just like it..hehehe

jeromeo : hehe..thx 4 ur bday wish wor^^

Strawberry : hey sweety ...thx 4 ur wish ...the MP3 i think have to order 1...coz my friend told me that he order from dunno HK or korea...hahahah.....oh my envy u got the perfume ^^ hehe..i want ^^

Passby3r said...

Nice present list! i want the Juicy Couture giftbox ,it is nice.