Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Of My Birthday Present ^^

Hehehe...i gonna show you all some of my precious birthday Presents ^^


A 50 pages Love book ! A story book of BB and DD....About Me ,about Him ,About Baobei(My Puppy), Our Travel Log , everything About us ^^
About us ^^
About BB ^^
About Our Baobei ^^
Our Travel log ..The SWEETEST Trip at EUROPE ^^

A Special Coupon for Me ==' "This Coupon entitles BB for a Ride on DD's Porsche Carrera GT"==' Sweat ....I want Ferrari .....hahahahhahahahha..Crazy ....and becareful ,i will spoil your car 1 day....wahahahahahhahahahahaha...
Another coupon for me ^^ "This coupon entitles BB to unlimited "sayang ",Present this whenever you want DD sayang or hug BB...hahaha...sweet ...

2,A sweet Lovely Juicy Couture Gift Card ,From My Baby Jess ^^I love u baby !
The sweet Pink Juicy Couture Gif Card ^^
3,A Present that Come From the True Heart ,From Baby Star ..
I felt so surprise when i received a birthday Present from Carely ..I was so happy about it..
Although we know each other through Friendster and we never meet each other in person before, she still remembers my birthday ,and still send a Birthday Present for me ^^ It is Sweet !!
See..the card she made for u see the anime character ?Conan and Sailormooon...They are my favorite anime character ^^
Carely said she know i got a big Pink Toufu soft toy she bought me a small 1..haha..1 set ^^
And The Pink Chocolate note pad ^^ Oreo Mirror (I love oreo) ^^ ,Pink Pacifier^^ ...PINK !
4 , A Paris Hilton Perfume Set , From My best Friend Jonathan

U know? Actually I thought he had forgetten my birthday and just left it like that ...
But in the end.......he gave me a nice birthday Present on my birthday ^^ I appreciate it..

About My net Friend....Thanks My beloved Princess Barbie ,Sky Cloud to make Birthday Card for me ^^ Thx a lot...

And My friends,(Hot Guys ),Thx for all the birthday Presents ,I appreciate it ^^,Friend Forever ..
We are awesome Gang!!


pikakitty said...

awww!!! the love book!!!!

so sweet!!!

your dd!!!!

so romantic ^^

i wish i had what u have <3

lol :)

but u got a lot of nice present ^^

Barbie said...

DD is so sweet indeed! You guys look so cute together ^ ^ , and the gifts are all cute and so pinky ^ ^

Carely_Babystar said...

u post the birthday card on ur blog o~
so paiseh
Not nice...
and those small stuff...hehe~
wait next month hope can sent u sailormoon DVD to u~~
kah yong so sweet...
do 50 page LOVE BOOK!
really nice!!
u sure happy and sweet..
keep it ya~~~

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow! So lovely and sweet!

YinYin said...

PikaKItty Skycloud : hehehehe..i appreciate the love book a lot ! hahahaha!u will get what u want in 1 day^^ believe me ^^

Barbie : hehehe..princess....we love pink rite....those present that i show to you all is the present that i appeciate ^^and special to u....

babystar..hey baby...u know? Ur present is mean to me....I love all those stuff....thx thx a lot and the DVD too^^ thx a u...

JeromeFo : hehehe...sweet le.....xD ...

-waiseng- said...

wow, so much gifts! is that a pacifier? hahaha

lcfu said...

wow you have lots of good friends =)

zzkang said...

happy belated birthday!! :D

YinYin said...

waiseng : hahaha..yaya..that is a pacifier ^^ cute right?

lcfu : hello^^ hehe..nice to meet u..yaya...i love all my good friend ^^
zzkang : hehe....birthday wish again ?^^..thx ya

Vit-leeveeeeveel-tiV said...

Aiseh man,
u and ur dear so sweet^^
lol, and the love book..
ur dear did for u..
so romantic..
happy always..
miss ya~